Eagle Strike: An Alex Rider Adventure - Book 4

by Anthony Horowitz

Paperback, 2003



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WALKER BOOKS LTD (2003), Edition: 1, 352 pages


After a chance encounter with assassin Yassen Gregorovich in the South of France, teenage spy Alex Rider investigates international pop star and philanthropist Damian Cray whose new video game venture hides sinister motives involving Air Force One, nuclear missiles, and the international drug trade.


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LibraryThing member AnCy0712
These books continue to make me happy, one of the few books i have enjoyed. I love the way they kill Damian Cray, (SPOILER ALERT) right through a jet engine by Air Force One.
LibraryThing member caro488
Horowitz, Anthony, Eagle Strike, Sir Damian Cray musician n philanthropist involved in video Gameslayer Gregorovitch n Air Force One kidnapped Sabina Pleasure
LibraryThing member tgeorge203
in this book alex rider is with sabina on vacation and there house gets bombed. he finds out that it was cray. he is coming out with a game called game slayer. he needs to find out what hes making them for
LibraryThing member Sunny-d-reader11
I absolutely love this book. It really is vivid and interesting!
LibraryThing member judypx2014
Alex Rider is a teen spy who works for a spy organization called M16. The head of the organization, Mrs.Jones doesn't beleive him when he tells her that the world's most famous popstar, Damian Cray is an evil men. Alex Rider goes on an adventure by himself, and finds out that Damian Cray is
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planning to bomb all the plantations that produce unnecessary drugs.
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LibraryThing member 7BKaren
Alex Rider is a teen spy that works for MI6. He sees Yassen and realized that the world's famous man , Sir Damian Cray, is going to destroy the world. He goes back to warn MI6 but they don't believe him. Damain Cray is one of the most popular pop stars and inspirations. He goes to find evidence and
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gets up into a whole lot of trouble.....
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LibraryThing member DF1A_ChristieR
While on vacation in France with Sabina Pleasure, Alex Rider notices assassin Yassen Gregorovich; Alex decides to ignore him. However, the Pleasures' vacation house explodes, leaving Alex to suspect Yassen. Infiltrating his yacht Alex goes and tries to shoot Yassen, but decides not to then Alex
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gets caught and placed in a bull fight. He escapes without much bruises, and finds a telephone booth and calls a number from Yassen's phone. Hearing pop-star Damian Cray on the line, he hangs up. Though MI6 doesn't support him, he investigates. I like all Anthony Horowitz's books and this was no exception.
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LibraryThing member kristenbookgirl
I think if I were a teenager I would have a crush on Alex Rider. I like spy books, and no one gets themselves in and out of more trouble than Alex Rider. Yet, you gotta love that kid. He is good to the heart. This installment was a little far-fetched, but action-packed and a really good story.
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Aren't the best stories far-fetched?
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LibraryThing member cranbrook
Alex Rider, a 14-year-old secret agent who has worked for MI6--British military intelligence--returns for his fourth adventure. Vacationing in France with his girlfriend, Sabina Pleasure, and her parents, Alex spots Yassen Gregorovich, a known assassin, and senses something isn't quite right.
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Before long, Sabina's journalist father is injured in an "accidental" bombing and Alex is thrown into another mystery that involves a devious scheme to annihilate the world. In this heart-racing novel, Horowitz combines fast-paced action with ingenious gadgets that Alex either has on his side or is forced to battle against.
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LibraryThing member callmecayce
While the Alex Rider series isn't for everyone, I do enjoy reading it quite a bit. Horowitz writes well enough to keep me engaged -- and the plot tends to be interesting enough that I want to know what happens next. What makes Eagle Strike different compared to the previous novels is the fact that
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Alex ends up alienating a lot of people (as well as hurting people he cares about). There are a couple of scenes that are profound moments for Alex that caught me by surprise, a couple of them come right near the end of the story. I liked the character development of Alex, he's likable (as usual, but even more so as the book goes on). But biggest issues with this story basically happen in the beginning. While much of the plot in the Alex Rider novels tends to be unbelievable, there's a bit too much of that in the first part of Eagle Strike. But once you get over that, the story gets back on track.
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LibraryThing member DCHAT
Another very good Alex Rider adventure, this time with a rich and famous person named Damian Cray. He opposes violence, drugs, and wants Earth to be a peaceful place to live. But actually, he is about to kill millions and millions of people with missiles just for closing drug factories.

Find out how
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Alex saves the world again with a New York Times bestseller book Eagle Strike.
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LibraryThing member MHHS
The dominant tone of Eagle Strike is suspense. When I imagine myself at the top of a roller coaster, I am suddenly unsure and anxious about the outcome of the ride. Reading about secret agent Alex Rider gave me a similar experience. In the story, there was continuous danger when Alex was faced with
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one obstacle after another. It was impossible not to feel the tension as you wondered whether Alex would accomplish his objective each time. Suspense is definitely present in any place where something leads up to a big event like speeding down a roller coaster at nearly 75 miles per hour or, as in the story Eagle Strike, a near death experience aboard Air Force One. Alex Rider’s adventures in the world of British spy agency M16 had thrilling action in each of its cliff-hanging chapters. A roller coaster gives me the feeling of suspense, yet offers a thrilling ride. Reading the story Eagle Strike also gave me a suspenseful, yet thrilling experience.
Eagle Strike starts when Alex Rider is on vacation in the south of France with his friend, Sabina. Alex notices a big yacht docked nearby and sees that the man who killed his uncle, Yassen Gregorovich, is on the yacht. Alex wonders why Yassen is in France. He acts quickly and begins to follow Yassen. When Alex overhears Yassen confirming that everything has been arranged, he knows that something is going to happen. Sure enough, the house that Alex and Sabina’s family has rented is suddenly blown up and Sabina’s dad is severely injured. Alex knows that it was not an accident, yet no one believes him. While trying to find out why this happened, Alex is faced with lots of danger: a virtual game that inflicts real pain, a fleet of Porsche 911 GT3-driving hit men, and even a near death experience aboard Air Force One. Alex Rider has always survived his missions before, yet will he survive this time?
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LibraryThing member nm.spring08.T.Rasmus
I thought that this book was rather disapointing. It definetly had a lot of potential though with the types of action scenes that took place. I think that better word choice could have made this book much better. Overall, i think that this book would have been more interesting and suspensful if it
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had just been written better. A different story line, developed characters, and more realism would be a great start. I dont think i am going to read the sequal anyways.
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LibraryThing member JohnD4
Damian Cray a millianare that millions of people like. He steals the plane of the most powerful nation that can control missels and only Alex Rider can stop him.
LibraryThing member KClaire
This is the fourth title in Horowitz’s Alex Rider series. Former MI6 teen spy, Alex spots bad guy, Yassen Gregorovich, while on vacation in the South of France. Yassen is a contract killer who murdered his uncle, Ian Rider. Alex is gradually drawn into investigating the international pop star and
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philanthropist, Damian Cray, a crazy madman who is about to launch a new video game that hides sinister motives and nuclear threat. Alex is a reluctant spy, “But you’re not a spy, Alex. You know that. Even if Ian had some crazy idea about training you. Three times now you’ve taken off from school and each time you’ve come back a bit more beat-up…It wasn’t my choice—Alex said.”(page 54) This is a romping, though absurd story with a little romance thrown in. It will generally appeal mostly to boys,
particularly those who adore “Bond, James Bond.” Book talk it by playing up all the technology and Bond-like spy thrilling adventures that happen, such as being forced to play the matador in a bull fight.
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LibraryThing member peterdf
Alex Rider is an teenage M16 spy. While on Vacation in south of France his hosts house gets attacked by terrorists and Alex is determined to finds out who stood behind it and why. When nothing can get worse he meets his ark Nemesis who tries to kill him. Will Alex find out how attacked his host or
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will this be the end of Alex. Join Alex on his an adventure with rockets games and pop stars. This is the best Alex rider book and I recommend this book to children over 10 years old.
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LibraryThing member John.Kaleb
Eagle Strike is part of the Alex Rider Series that has the teen spy Alex Rider saving the world. In this story, Alex adverts a nuclear strike from a insane pop star. The story takes place about 100 miles from Spain. Alex finds his old nemisis Yassen Gregorovich . Alex listens in on Yassen's
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converstation where he is caught by Yassen. Alex knocks him about and sneaks into Yassen's yacht. Alex wants revenge for his grandfather's death which was caused by Yassen. I would recommend this mystery novel for those who love suspense and action.
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LibraryThing member AnnMaryVincent
Reluctant MI6 agent Alex Rider is finally able to feel like an ordinary fourteen-year-old while relaxing at the south of France with his almost girlfriend Sabina when suddenly... a ruthless attack on this friend's family brings him back to the world of violence and mystery he used to live in. Alex
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is determined to find out what happened to his friend's family and this time Alex must do it alone because MI6 don't want to know.The twist at the end of this adventure leads to a hidden secret which Alex wishes he didn't even discover. This is a daring and surprising book that makes you hooked and wanting for more.
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LibraryThing member TomasJefferson
This book leaves off right where Skeleton Key ends and it has a great beginning. So Alex was on vacation with Sabina and then he finds trouble as usual. He finds Yassen Gregorovich the assassin who killed his uncle in book one Storm Breaker and he follows him. He gets caught and Yassen forces Alex
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to enter in a bullfight. He escapes and goes back for more and then he hears the popstars voice Damien Cray. Alex wonders why a popstar would call an assassin and he goes back home and calls it a day. After searching and searching for information he finds out that Cray is planning to attack Air Force One to get the missiles. In some ways Cray is crazy and in someways he isn't. His plan is to use the nuclear missiles in the Air Force One to aim them at countries that countries that supply a large portion of the drug market. He thinks that he is helping a lot and he says to help the world a couple thousand of people must die. Suprisingly, Yassen, Alex, and Sabrina are all forced to board Air Force One and when Cray orders Yassen to shoot Alex he refuses because Alex later learns that Alex's dad taught Yassen and he was an apprentice to him. Cray then takes matters into his own hands and shoots Yassen and aims at Alex. You should read the book to find out if Alex will survive another mission or will he not. This book has a lot of suspense I really liked it.
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LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
Alex tries pretty hard to be a regular teen but trouble keeps tracking him down. When he is forced to reveal who he is to his friend, Sabina, she rejects his story as a ploy for attention. Alex finds himself dragged into the middle of another mad man's plans, this time without back up from MI6. All
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the tropes of a man too rich to be a suspect are used, but the action is good and the plot twists pull the reader into the next book.
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LibraryThing member Razorgirl
This book is a story about a boy who was trained by his uncle to be a spy. Alex Rider goes out on a limb and accuses Damian Cray, an international pop star, of arranging a hit on the father of one of Alex's friends. M16 doesn't believe him and Alex goes after him alone.

I liked this book, even
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though the author does a poor job of conveying Alex's emotions. Action packed and interesting from start to finish, this book is one for when you need an adventure story to settle into.
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LibraryThing member Rosemarie.Herbert
This review has been crossposted from my blog Review from The Cosy Dragon Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me.

'Eagle Strike' is the fourth book in the Alex Rider series. Again, Horowitz manages to produce a new plot filled with exciting action that is different from the ones before.
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Alex Rider is growing up. He has an almost girlfriend - who refuses to believe he is a spy. After a near fatal accident for Sabina's father, and the recurrent presence of Yassen (a professional killer), Alex is left on his own. He's not quite without resources - he has the requites set of gadgets all built into a special device. Certainly though, it's a struggle because he's against a man everyone finds likable.

The ideas in this novel I have come across before (particularly the coins - you'll understand when you read it). Also, the gadgets are not particularly new. The video game concept was a good one, although I am sure I have read other novels that use the same idea (think Gillian Rubinstein - Space Demons).

The chase scene seems contrived, as it often does in movies, but I guess it had to be there. The novel did keep me reading to find out what happened though. The ending is a bit of a surprise, but the whole text had been leading up to it. Alex is always courting death, but we know that the hero will always survive (that's the problem with a series).

Not a bad try for a series novel, but if it was a stand alone (and I wasn't already attached to Alex) I wouldn't be interested in trying more books. Probably just an offshoot of having read the four books in a row. I think this novel is equally bloody compared to the last novel.
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LibraryThing member ftbooklover
While on vacation, Alex stumbles on a plot that ends up injuring the father of his new friend, Sabina. When he spots Yassen Gregorovich, he knows the hit man is there to kill someone, but when he ignores the threat, he quickly finds out that Sabina's father is the target. Alex sets out to find out
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who Gregorovich is working for, and the trail leads him to former pop singer and entrepreneur, Damian Cray. Cray's software company is about to release a new game with profits going to the anti-drug effort throughout the world, but Alex discovers that Cray isn't what he says and the game has much more sinister implications.

Eagle Strike is the name of the video game that Cray is about to release and is also the title of this fourth entry in the Alex Rider series. Once again, Alex is faced with another threat that might end the world. In this book, we start to see the toll that Alex's adventures are taking on him and his life. Sabina is the first real friend that Alex has had other than Jack, so she is important to him, but life has been difficult for Alex, and these new threats make it tough for Alex to maintain friendships. As with the other books in the series, there is lots of thrills, action, and suspense, while the plot is a little over the top. Overall, however, Eagle Strike is a very enjoyable story with a satisfying conclusion.
3 1/2 stars.
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LibraryThing member TomDonaghey
Eagle Strike (2003) (Alex Rider #4) by Anthony Horowitz. This fourth outing for Alex Rider is as thrilling as the previous books. While on holiday in southern France with the family of his girlfriend, someone blows up the villa where they are stayingt. The girl’s father is hospitalized but all
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others are spared. Alex smells espionage and goes on the hunt. He spots and tails Yassen, an adversary from the previous three books. Yassen leads him to his capture, then a bullfight where Alex is the main attraction.
Then comes the revelation that Damian Cray, a world famous pop star, platinum record maker, multimillionaire owner of a series of influential businesses and well respected friend to the upper crust in England, is the evil in the mix. MI 6 want no part of Alex’s theories about how Cray is behind the attempt on the villa so Alex, as usual, must go it alone.
Action, thrills, a little violence and blood, all the usual for a Rider novel spill out page after page. Nothing too gory or explicit as this is aimed at teens, but a lot of fun.
And then there is the revelation about Alex’s dead father,
This is yet another fine outing in the Alex Rider franchise, one that is sure to please young and old alike.
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LibraryThing member jackelly
I enjoyed it, an easy beach read. Horowitz puts depth to Alex Rider, the reader understands that he is only a teenager, but you can also see a maturity in him that leaves no room for a whiny teenager, which is great characterization.




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