Point Blank (Alex Rider - Book 2)

by Anthony Horowitz

Paperback, 2002



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Scholastic Inc. (2002)


Fourteen-year-old Alex continues his work as a spy for the British MI6, investigating an exclusive school for boys in the French Alps.


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LibraryThing member SunshineBoy
Imagine getting sent to a school on top of a very high mountain where snow covered the ground and kids act the same way as each other. This is where the M16 sent Alex , they want him to solve another case for them. Anthony Horowitz 's Point Blank is like a magnet to your mind , once you started
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reading the first page, then you have no more control of yourself , you just wants to finish the book. Alex started his life as a spy right after his uncle Ian died , after his first mission he thought he would have his normal life back , but he was wrong.There 's two mysterious accidents that killed 2 of the world 's richest man, but the M16 doesn ' t think it 's an accident they think it is related to the school White Point , so they recruit Alex again to help them find out all he could about the school White Point and their director Dr. Grief.Anthony Horowitz wrote mind magnet novel it keeps the reader to stop thinking about other things except for finishing the novel. I think it is suitable for kids grade 4 and older because the violent stuff is not suitable for young kids.
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LibraryThing member caro488
Horowitz, Anthony, Point Blank, Alex Rider sent to boarding school where all students change,but seem to be the same
LibraryThing member DF1A_ChristieR
Investigations into the "accidental" deaths of two of the world's most powerful men have revealed just one link: both had a son attending Point Blanc Academy - an exclusive school for rebellious rich kids, run by the sinister Dr Grief and set high on an isolated mountain peak in the French Alps.
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Armed only with a false ID and a new collection of brilliantly disguised gadgets, Alex must infiltrate the academy as a pupil and establish the truth about what is really happening there. One of the best novels of the Alex Rider series. I find it quite intertaining.
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LibraryThing member Johns5
Point Blank is a great Adventure book to read while your in Reading olympics. TThe book also is kind of scary when there are different pages.
LibraryThing member mitchellf3
un-believable, must read first book to understand alll of it...
LibraryThing member yarmando
Alex's youth is once again useful to MI6, and he's sent to check out a boarding school for troubled sons of powerful parents. Intriguing, cliff-hanger end is unfortunately not followed-through in next series entry.
LibraryThing member Mtnpersei
I enjoy good escapism and Alex Ryder pretty much sums that up
LibraryThing member namanpx2014
This is an interesting book that is about a 14 year old boy who has to go and save the world the second time. He does not want to but he has to. He is sent to France to investigate on a school. This book is a thrilling book. You must read it!
LibraryThing member pownage55
"accidental" deaths of 2 of the Earth's most powerful people have shown just one connection: both had a son attending Point Blanc Academy = an private school for snooty rich kids, run by the evil Dr Grief built on an single mountain peak in the French Alps. Equipped only with a fake ID and new
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secret gadgets, Alex must infiltrate the academy as a student and find out the truth about what is really happening there. but it isn't always so easy. And Then Alex finds out about the clones...
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LibraryThing member ryanpx2014
Alex's ability as a teenage James Bond really impresses me. At the end while he was escaping he was able to snowboard down a mountain with a made-up snowboard while two man on jet skis carrying machine guns were chasing after him. Its a miracle how he made it to the end and was able to outrun the
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two men chasing after him. I think having Alex save the world must make him feel like a heroe, but what people don't know is that Alex does not have a choice since the M16 always seem to be able to threaten him in some sort of way. WIth cut and bruises all over his body, Alex sure must have a tiring life.
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LibraryThing member judypx2014
Alex Rider is a teen spy who work for a spy organization called M16. M16 figures out that a private school in Paris is consulting a bizzare plan. Alex RIder join that scool for bad boys with a name of Alex Friend, a son of a rich men. He finds out that the principle of the school is cloning the
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students, kind of like a robot, so it they would become a good children. He fights with all the securties and win the battle on the snow.
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LibraryThing member SupaMaori
Point Blanc – This is the second book within the Alex Rider series. This time, Alex gets in trouble with a drug dealer and gets put into custody with MI6. For this reason, he must investigate the deaths of two billionaires, Michael Roscoe and Viktor Ivanov. Later he poses as Alex Friend to attend
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a “perfect” academy called Point Blanc. This is a good read with a bit of science like writing and excellent storyline. Another good read for those interested in this kind of genre.
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LibraryThing member JohnD4
A lot of the rich and famous Rulers kids are comming home and are acting weird. The MI6 put Alex Rider into the school and he finds out what the Head of the school is planing to do.
I would reccomend this book to people who like adventure and action.
LibraryThing member cranbrook
After two influential businessmen die in separate freak accidents, MI6, England's spy network, once again calls upon 14-year-old Alex Rider to infiltrate Point Blanc, a private school in the French Alps for out-of-control, wealthy teens. Armed only with his wits and some 007-type devices, he
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stumbles upon an evil mad scientist's plot to take over the world using clones as replacements for prominent sons. Spy gadgets, chase scenes, mysteries, and a cliff-hanger ending will keep even reluctant readers interested in the second novel in this series.
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LibraryThing member Elferkid
Alex Rider is a action packed book. I enjoy reading about the mission he is sent on by the MI6. This series is impossible to put down so make sure you have the sequal, skeleton key, with you at all times just in case you finish point blank.

In this book Alex is sent on a mission to a boarding
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school. This boarding school, point blank, is a school for the super rich kids with poor behaviour skills. Alex must blend in and learn as much about it as he can.

He discovers that there is a floor directly above the floor he lives in that is off limits. He sneaks into it and discovers that it is identical to his floor except there are TV's of his floor everywhere. He learn the unsettling truth about how every on has a twin. But i wont give that much away. Read this amazing book to find out.
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LibraryThing member daves777
Very exciting book about a boy named Alex Rider. He is 14 years old. He is a spy from MI6. He was sent to Point Blanc to investigate. It is a school for broblem kids.

He finds out the people are cloning kids and sending the cloned kids back, making the parents think they'ver really changed. The real
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kids are in cells. The people at Point Blanc find out Alex is a spy, and ties him up.

Later, he is put into a cell. But he has one more gadget with him. A grenade. He put it onto the key hole. It blew it up. he got away on a snowboard. Then, He alerted MI6 , and saved the rest of the boys.

I think this is a good series. The series always make it exciting. My Review is as boring as it is, but the book is way more exciting。It is very exciting because everything is happening at the same time. First, he's talking to the principle, then he's fighting Mrs. Stellenbosh.
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LibraryThing member kejinglu
This is the second adventure on Alex Rider, a 14 year old spy. He was just asigned to go and find out what is happening at Point Blanc.

Alex has to change his last name into Friend, and pretend he was expelled from Eton. He has read these files that include false information that he uses to cover
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his trail of spying.

After a while, he gets all this info from this person who was expelled from his school because he shot a air gun at his teacher. He tells Alex that these once fierce guys has all of the sudden turned into meek kittens. He suspect that the pricipal, Dr. Grief, has hypnotized these boys of 14, and made them behave so well, all they do is study.

At the end, Alex finds out that these 14 year old boys have been cloned, and the real ones are hidden in the ristricted floors of 3 and 4. The 3rd and 4th floor are exactly identical, and they seem to be all alike. The only thing that was wrong, though, was that there was an empty room that is supposed to look like Alex's, but hasn't been abled to put together anything, because he just came.

Alex alerts the MI6, and tries to rescue the real boys out of the cell. He then gets discovered, and taken to the lab. He then gets free, and snow moblies down the hill. Of course, he gets fiercely chased by the school guards. Alex crashes into a tree, and is taken to the hospital. The nurses lie to the vice-pricipal, and says Alex is dead, and he didn't make it through all these injuries he's gotten.

Of course, Alex, at the end, saves the day, rescues the real boys, and destroys the cloned ones. But he does not know that a boy was cloned like him was waiting to get revenge on him. They have a big and long battle, before the real Alex Rider won.
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LibraryThing member ryanvbauer
This book ia about a tenager that is 14. His name is Alex. He is a secret agent for MI6 oporations. MI6 tells him to spy on Dr.Grief because he trys to get other famouis kid spys,so they can stell stuff for him with a mind controll diviced . When he sends the kids back home they are diffrent kids.
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Please read this book because there is alot of action in it.
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LibraryThing member 5MW
I read Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz. It is full of action. The book is about a teenager spy (Alex Rider) who is working for M-I6. Alex is asked to go to a really weird school and inspect it. The book was so great I didn't have a favorite part. I recommend this book to action lovers and 10 years
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and older. This was definitely a five star book.
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LibraryThing member monachelibrary
When a series of mysterious deaths occur, agent M16 assigns Alex rider a fourteen year old reluctant spy, to the case. Before he knows it, Alex is stuck in a remote boarding school high atop the Swiss Alps with the sons of the rich and powerful. Something feels wrong, very wrong; these former
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juvenile delinquents have turned into well-behaved and respectful boys. In the end, it is up to Alex to find out who is behind this evil plot. The clock is ticking- is Alex's luck about to run out?
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LibraryThing member zmalensek
In this book Alex rider's mission is to go to a place called point blanc and see if something is going on. The only reason he is going here is because his manager has said that there was a coincidence and his manager had sent him there because he doesn't like coincidence. So now alex rider has to
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go to the point blanc academy to see if there is something going on up at point blanc. Point blanc: an academy for people who have problems.
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LibraryThing member kings8
An action packed adventure book
LibraryThing member connormatarau
i picked this book because when i read the first few pages of this book i thought this is a book that i am interested in and it would be awesome to find out what happened in the end. another reason why i picked the book is because the back cover said it all it was about adventure and spys and im in
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to those kind of books.

i finished this book because it was an exciting book from the start filled with adventure and twists and if i diddnt finish it i would be thinking about it for ages and ages and i just couldent stop reading it
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LibraryThing member jso18
The book Point Blank had a lot of actions. One of the actions are that Alex tries to escape from the school when the head teacher put all he has into getting Alex back. This book was a good book to me because Alex seems to be able to be bribed easily. In the end Alex is hurt and his housekeeper is
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all worried. That is why you should read this book!!!
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LibraryThing member eglinton
Same formula, same enjoyable thrills and humour. We've been expecting you, Master Rider....


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