by Don Freeman

Paperback, 1976



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Puffin Books (1976), Edition: unknown, 32 pages


A toy bear in a department store wants a number of things, but when a little girl finally buys him he finds what he has always wanted most of all.


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32 p.; 8.94 inches

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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Corduroy's a yare bear--exploring the upper floors of the department store, getting in sh*t with the night watchman, going home with a cool city kid who's not too cool to take a teddy bear home to her family's upscale brownstone and put him in a little bed and love him. (I like that she's black
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middle class--this book came out in 1976 so representations like this in kids' books were still not the norm I don' think). I like the cut of his jib, even if I'm not so much a fan of the "all the toys on the shelves waiting for a kid to love them and take them home" bit.
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LibraryThing member cerritos
A winning, completely childlike picture book in which a stuffed bear waiting hopefully in a toy department finds a home with a little black girl. Endearing, brightly colored pictures.
LibraryThing member nfoskett521
My all-time favorite book from childhood. Corduroy always reminded me of my own teddy bear, my best friend growing up (well into my twenties that is). You can't go wrong buying this one for your little tyke.
LibraryThing member sarah_walker
"Corduroy" tells the story of a little teddy bear named Corduroy who is always ignored by the customers at the shop. But one day a little girl named Lisa wishes to buy him. However, Lisa's mother does not want to buy him because he is missing a button on his overalls. This makes Corduroy sad so he
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sets out on a journey to find his button and find a family.

"Corduroy" is a heartwarming tale that has touched many hearts for many years. Because this is one of my childhood favorites, I found myself on the verge of tears. The watercolor-like illustrations compliment the slow pace of the book. The simple plot delivers a smart tale of unconditional love and friendship.

Each student could bring in their favorite stuffed animal or comfort item and explain why it is their favorite thing. Or there could be a class "Corduroy" that the students could take home each weekend. Students will get the opportunity to write about their weekend adventures in a diary and share with the class.
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LibraryThing member dchaves
The bear looking for his button but finding a home. M: "He discovers a lot of things. He is a bit curious and he is very cute." Z: "He's cute and he finds stuff and I liked him."
LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Corduroy is a stuffed bear who wants to be taken home and loved. A little girl wants him, but her mother refuses and points out his missing button. Corduroy goes on an adventure to find it, but in the end it is the little girl, who comes back and buys him, that sews a new one on.
LibraryThing member lleighton05
Genre: This story could not happen because the stuffed bear comes to life, and attempts to find his button in the department store. However, the bear deals with similar issues that children might face, and so it is easy for kids to relate to.
Character: Corduroy is an easy character for
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children to relate to because he deals with the feeling of being unloved and unwanted. He is developed through his actions, his talking, and how other characters (such as the little girl and the watchman) view him. The reader knows most about him because he is a round character. The reader experiences his emotions and feelings through his desire to go to a home.
Media: watercolor/pen
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LibraryThing member conuly
This is a good book about the adventures Corduroy goes on in order to find a button. He *doesn't* find a button, but that's all right - a little (African-American, if that's relevant) girl takes him home anyway. "I like you just the way you are!"

I do find that Corduroy's dialog is a little sappy,
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and it's somewhat weird to me that he can actually talk to Lisa, but it's still a good book.
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LibraryThing member eayerby
I absolutely loved this book, I always have. I have read it numerous times. Everytime I read it, it just gets better and better. It has a great story to it and so very sweet. Children of any age would love this book.
LibraryThing member ejhamilton
This used to be one of my favorite books. I think children love this book because it's a fairy tale type book, because of the toys in the toystore that can talk and move around at night. i think that's why children love this book. it also teachs that everybody can be loved...even with one button
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missing !!
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LibraryThing member aengle
K-2. This is a story about a bear names Corduroy that lives in toy shelf of a department store who has lost his button so he goes on a search to find his missing button so that someone will take him home with them. He doesn't find his button but when a little girl comes to but him, she takes him
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home and sews a new button on him.
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LibraryThing member ChiaraBeth
Oh how I wanted to give Corduroy a home when I was a little girl! He brought stuffed animals to life in a way so much simpler and so much more lovably than Toy Story (though don't get me wrong; I do love Buzz Lightyear). As such, he definitely taught me a thing or two about taking notice of and
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wanting to care for others, and the invaluable worth of having a home.
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LibraryThing member jgabica
This book of fantasy is a favorite of many children. Corduroy is a little bear who "lives" in a department store waiting to be sold, until finally, one day a little girl buys him and takes him home. The setting takes place in a department store, which makes the descriptions of Corduroy's
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surroundings make a lot of sense, and the reader empathizes with the bear as he's overwhelmed with the size of his surroundings, and is searching for his lost button to his overalls. Media: Watercolor
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LibraryThing member elle0467
Corduroy is a little bear that has been set on a shelf at a store. Only one problem exists with Corduroy; he has a missing button on his overalls. Corduroy is a lifelike bear who dreams of one day being bought and held in someones arms who loves him. Corduroy must face a great adventure as he goes
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on a hunt around the store after hourst to find a replacement button. Lisa, a little girl eventually buys him and takes him home.
-A book that can be used to show kids determination and perseverance
-some adults may have an issue with the animation of the bear and his ability to communicate with Lisa.
-Great for the younger grades/lesson about feeling of belonging
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LibraryThing member chron002
This is a classic book about a bear who is bought by a girl named Lisa in a department store. This is a classic book that has a sequel to it called a pocket for Corduroy. I enjoyed this book as well as the sequel.
LibraryThing member nataliev1311
Despite it's simple premise, Corduroy easily captures the hearts of its readers through the sincerity, honesty, and acceptance found within its pages. The artwork is superb and allows us to see within the heart and mind of a little bear searching for both a missing button and a home.
LibraryThing member dgadkins88
One of my all-time favorite books! It is a gentle, sweet tale of a little bear in cordoroy overalls waiting to be purchased in a department store. A real little girl sees him and falls in love with him, but her mother says she doesn't have money to buy him and he's missing a button. After the store
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closes, all the toys with faces close their eyes except Cordoroy. Instead, he travels the department store searching for a button because he didn't know he was not perfect. He does not solve his problem. Cordoroy is back on the toy shelf the next morning. The little girl, Lisa returns to buy him. She takes him home, sews on a button, and provides him with his own little bed right beside hers. "I've always wanted a friend!" he says. Children love it!!
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LibraryThing member clstone
"Corduroy" by Don Freeman is a wonderful story about a teddy bear that lives in a department store. Corduroy longs for a home and an owner as shoppers pass him day by day. One day, a little girl named Lisa sees him in the store and asks her mom to buy him. Lisa's mom refuses to buy Corduroy for her
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and mentions that he is missing a button from his overalls. That night, Corduroy searches the department store for his missing button, getting into all sorts of trouble before he is taken back to his shelf by the security officer. The next day Lisa comes back to purchase Corduroy with her own money. Corduroy finally has a home and is happier than ever. This book can be read to students in grades K-2. It is short and teaches a great lesson of love and friendship.
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LibraryThing member ampitcher
This one if one of my childhood favorites and to this day i still enjoy the tale of a little bear and his button
LibraryThing member menaramore
"Corduroy," is a heart warming story about a bear who lives in a department store. He waits and waits but is never bought. Then, one night he decides that if he can find his missing button he will be bought. He searches the store but never finds his button. However, he does find a girl named Lisa
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that takes him home and loves him forever. This story teaches children that they do not have to be perfect. This is a very entertaining story for kindergarteners.
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LibraryThing member KellyKnox
The story of Corduroy, the little bear in the green overalls who finds a home and someone to love, despite his missing button. It's a great little bear adventure, fun to read aloud, and a nice way to illustrate that you can be loved even if you are missing a button, so to speak.
LibraryThing member BrittneyFields
This book is a very nice book for K-2nd grade. This is a story about a little bear that is looked over because of his missing button on his green overalls. He looks for his button everywhere until he finds the love of a good owner in the end. She takes care of him and gives him a new button. This
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is a story good for children who may not be included for one reason or the other and can help the child cope with that.
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LibraryThing member sosandra
Corduroy is a book about a teddy bear in the department store named Corduroy who longs to be taken home by someone. As soon as Lisa sees him, she wants him but her mother thinks he is worn out, especially since he is missing a button. This book evokes childlike emotions and memories about a longing
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for a home. It is a small bear's desire for a home and a friend that everyone can relate to. Corduroy's fulfillment is found in the arms of a young girl. Not only is it suitable for adults but it is a subtle reminder about the extent of friendships.
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LibraryThing member kdcoshatt
Corduroy is about a bear in a department store who feels lonely because no one wants to buy him. One day he realizes one of his buttons is missing from his overalls, so he sets out that night around the department store to find it. He finally meets a little girl who buys him and takes him home.
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Corduroy finally gets to feel the feeling of love and having a real home.
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LibraryThing member cmmadden
This is a classic book about a little stuffed animal who is looking for a new home, however, he is never looked at because of a lost button on his shoulder strap. One day a little girl comes in and see's the bear and tells her mom it is what she has always wanted. This is a great story about the
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little bear and a little girl who are both on a mission for what they want!
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