Grandfather Twilight

by Barbara Helen Berger

Hardcover, 1984



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E Ber




Philomel Books (1984), 32 pages


At the day's end, Grandfather Twilight walks in the forest to perform his evening task, bringing the miracle of night to the world.

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32 p.; 9.38 inches

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LibraryThing member atlaswinks
This is a "must have" for parents of toddlers, especially if they have difficulty at bedtime. This gentle book about a kind old man and his ritual to bring on twilight is the perfect calming and comforting story to read at bedtime. The illustrations have an ethereal beauty and are the perfect
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visual images for the text. This was my families favorite before bed book, nudging out even Goodnight Moon.
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LibraryThing member eevers
This tale is of a grandfatherly figure who lives among the trees and at the end of the day takes a pearl out of a chest. The pearl rises into the sky and becomes the moon. It has very few words in it, so it would be an easy read aloud!
LibraryThing member cmiller05
Grandfather Twilight brings out a growing pearl to bring on evening and nighttime.
LibraryThing member mritchie56
Beautiful tale of Grandfather Twilight bringing night to the forest.
LibraryThing member Treeseed
Published in 1984 this luminous picture book for children written and illustrated by the talented Barbara Berger has been a beloved favorite in my home.
Painted in acrylic, the peaceful and colorful pictures in this book are reproduced in the same size as the originals and are displayed throughout
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the book in full page and double page spreads. Smaller paintings accompany the text on pages where it appears.

A gentle bedtime story that will appeal to children from toddlers through elementary school is told in very simple language and in few words. The illustrations speak volumes as the poetic language leads the imagery. I feel the twenty five short pages in this story book are a perfect length to quietly and lovingly calm a little one into sleepy time.

It is the story of Grandfather Twilight who "lives among the trees." The first illustration shows a welcoming open doorway in the trees that leads to a peach and blue sky of early twilight. When we step through this door we see kind elderly Grandfather Twilight in his comfortable easy chair reading while his cat and dog and a bird look on. There are no walls or ceilings in his home, only the lovely shadows and lights of the green forest. When day is done, Grandfather Twilight closes the book he's reading, puts on his jacket, combs his beard and opens up a large chest that is filled with many strands of pearls. He selects one pearl and then goes for a walk, holding the pearl in his hand. With each of his steps the pearl grows in size until he eventually reaches the sea. As the story says, "Gently, he gives the pearl to the silence above the sea." As Grandfather Twilight and his dog look out across the foamy waves we see the pearl has become a shining full moon.

The simplicity of this story and its gentle night-time message is very soothing for children and my boys enjoyed hearing it over and over again. Grandfather Twilight seems gentle and his animal friends are glad to walk with him on his nightly journey. Visual metaphor and symbolic images are the especial talents of this gifted painter and Barbara Berger has published many titles for children that incorporate these skills but I think this one is her very best. Grandfather Twilight glows with soft pastel colors of sunset and he wears those same peaceful colors and we also see them on his quilt when he goes to sleep after his nightly task is completed.

We can easily see that Grandfather Twilight is a friend to Nature, is caring and gentle toward the environment and the little beings that inhabit the planet's forests and seashores. We can see that he cares about clear skies and that his gifts are given freely to everyone on the planet.

I love this book's gentle message and I love to visit the illustrations again and again for their serene feeling of wholeness and peace.
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LibraryThing member SJeanneM
Beautiful book that basically gave the children a myth to associate with the coming of the darkness. It was a wonderful picture book and I thought the illustrations were fairly glowing.
LibraryThing member lindsaygits1
Grandfather Twilight takes the moon out of his trunk walks through the forest, and places it in the Sky. A great picture book for a night time story. The artwork is amazing and brings the story to life.
LibraryThing member mayalanda
This book has a strange concept, but it totally worked for me, and my daughter (20 months ) loved it too. The illustrations are beautiful, it has a plot, and the topic of the moon is of great interest to my little toddler. This book makes me feel a sense of wonder at the world.
LibraryThing member lauraejensen
A beautiful tale of how the moon comes to shine in the sky. A serene, peaceful, meditative tale. A good book for transition to nap/quiet/ time. Warm and glowing illustrations. Imaginative and dreamy
LibraryThing member Olisia
This was a beautiful and simple book about how the moon gets into the sky.
LibraryThing member cbruiz
In this picture book, Barbara Berger describes how the moon comes to be every night. When the nighttime is imminent, Grandfather Twilight puts down his book and grabs a pearl from his wooden chest of pearls. Then he walks through the forest as the pearl enlarges within the palm of his hand, a
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stream of illumination flowing from his backside. Once he reaches the sea, he sends the pearl outward, it becomes the glowing moon. I loved this picture book. It gives a mythical tale for how the moon comes to be every night, and does with an innocent elegance. This book tucks one into bed, he softly drifting into pleasant dream as gradually the pages turn. The simplicity characterizes the stillness of night, along with the progression into such. Grandfather Twilight is relied upon by the creatures of the forest to bring about moonlight; this necessity is reflected as such by the aura of illumination which follows behind his every step. The artwork is very cloudy, mystical in its prose, soft and simple. It gives the feeling of a divinity at work, through the father-figure-like man begotten Grandfather Twilight, whose benevolence is accredited by the nature in which he resides. He possesses a grand love, a divine love, which resonates from his being, implying that he is no more man, than spirit.
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LibraryThing member chelsiking
I think this should be viewed as a classic since the lesson & illustrations are so real! The book shows the process of how nighttime really comes & gives readers a fun way to imagine how the night was created. The pictures make the book even more realistic to any reader.
LibraryThing member kshielee
Science fiction is the category for this book because of the technology that is involved. The pearl transforming into the moon could not actually happen, but through the technology that Grandfather Twilight has he can change that simple pearl into a moon that he places into the sky. There is no
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exact setting for this book. The story takes place somewhere on the earth, but there are not very many details as to the place or time that this story occurs.
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LibraryThing member pamela12286
I do not completely like this story. Personally the cover threw me off, the man looks like a ghost and I probably wouldn’t normally have picked up this book. This would be a cute story for the very young children who do not know why the moon is in the sky, but I would not read it in an elementary
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school. The images in the story are very beautiful and have peacefulness to them.
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LibraryThing member achertok
Another good children's book illustrating the necessity to go to sleep at night. Grandfather Twilight put the moon in the sky each night and that allows the entire forest to go to bed. This shows the kids that once the moon comes up it is time to get ready for bed.
LibraryThing member Lib4282012
I love this book for so many reasons. The poetic style in which it is written is beautiful, and I really like how even a few of the pages don't even contain words. The story is soft, and comforting, and is the perfect story to read to a child before they fall asleep.
LibraryThing member SylviaSmile
A childhood favorite of mine, this lavishly illustrated book shows, rather than tells, how night falls upon the world, and the moon rises. I remember feeling slight anxiety as to what would happen if somebody were to steal one of the pearls from Grandfather Twilight. In general, though, this is the
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perfect bedtime story for young children, ages 2-6.
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LibraryThing member brandib90
"Grandfather Twilight" is wonderful book for children to read before they go to bed. The author and illustrator did a great job at giving a calming reading experience for children. The pictures in the book don't need a lot of text to go with it because they do a great job of moving the story along.
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The purpose of this book is just be a calming read for young children. It may even give them something to dream about.
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LibraryThing member KelseyAnnB
I enjoyed this book. I loved the colors used in the illustrations and the simplicity of the story. This is a perfect book for about the 1 to 4 year old age range. Beautiful pictures to keep them interested, but short enough to avoid giving mom and dad cotton mouth.
LibraryThing member sbasler
I remember this book from when I was little. It was always one of my favorites. I like how the author/illustrator gave it a dreamlike quality. The colors are beautiful and represent nighttime perfectly. This is a great book to read at bed time, as it is very relaxing.
LibraryThing member Keller_M
This is an exceptionally sweet and sensitive book about grandfather twilight who has the important responsibility of putting the moon in its place to compliment the night. The book clearly is meant to be read at bed time for the children because of how soothing and warm the content as well as the
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illustrations are.
Because this is a "bed time book" it wouldn't exactly be perfect for the classroom setting, but it could teach many values such as gentleness, simplicity, and compassion for others. A great book for early readers.
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LibraryThing member SaritaInce
A simple and poetic book about the magical change from day to night. Through metaphor and simple text a reassuring story is told. The art is soft and reminiscent of the colors found in twilight. A perfect book to read aloud before bed.
LibraryThing member flamingrosedrakon
Alright I am ashamed I don't ever remember this having an actual story lol since I was too caught up in the beautiful pictures, which can tell the story instead. The pictures are softy glowing, muted and just breathtaking in the colors that they give as well as the details of the members within the
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pictures. If you are into art this book for the pictures alone will haunt you.

Getting a chance to read the story again I can remember it vaguely. The words are simple and easy to read so definitely a good book to get any child started on. This is one book I strongly suggest for any children's library.
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LibraryThing member csmith111
I liked this book for a few reasons. First the plot in the story is interesting because it makes you think of different ideas of how the moon is set up in the sky to prepare for the nighttime. The plot keeps you hooked while you’re reading because it is such an interesting idea. The other thing
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is the illustrations in the book fit the mood of the story because Grandfather Twilight has a glow to him like the moon as he is taking the pearl to the sky. This makes you think about nighttime as the world is getting ready to go to bed for the night as the moon it put up in the sky. The book was made to entertain the reader and think about different ideas as you are reading it.
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LibraryThing member sealford
This was one of my many favorites as a child. I believe that I love the story just as much as I do the illustrations. There is just something about a book like this to give you a general feeling of peace, especially as a young child. If ever you were afraid of the dark, this book will help you to
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realize that twilight is a serene time and can be enjoyed by all of us. A definite must-have for small children and adults alike.
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