Around the Year

by Elsa Beskow

Hardcover, 1988



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E Bes


Floris Books (1988), 32 pages


Delightful verses and delicate, playful illustrations take young children through the special joys of each month of the year, from icy February to the green shoots of April, the red poppies of July, September's apples and the delights of December. A mini edition of Elsa Beskow's classic picture book.

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32 p.; 9.04 inches


0863150756 / 9780863150753



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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
First published in 1927 as Ã…rets Saga, this poetic celebration of the seasons from one of Sweden's most beloved picture-books artists is - as anyone familiar with Elsa Beskow's work would know to expect - lovely to look upon, with beautiful artwork. Unfortunately, it is rather uneven, textually speaking, with poems that are sometimes awkward, and often don't read very well. I suspect that this is an issue of translation, as sometimes - especially when the rhyming scheme can be maintained, and the meter works - they are very sweet. If only I could read them in the original Swedish!

With a poem for every month - as well as some introductory pieces on the hours and days - Around the Year has the potential to be such an outstanding book, that I'm rather disappointed not be able to appreciate it more than I do. Still, Elsa Beskow fans will find much here to appreciate, with gorgeous artwork that captures the enchantment of each month of the year. I think my own favorite was the illustration for harvest-rich August (also seen on the cover), with the parade of berry-decorated forest dwellers. All in all, this is a book I would recommend primarily to fans of this author/artist, rather than to general young readers looking for seasonal titles.
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LibraryThing member hgold
I would not use this book in my class room. The poems are originally written in the early 1900's and so the theme are a little outdated and many have a religious undertone that may make some kids uncomfortable. There are a few poems in the book that I really enjoyed and would like to use again. The book itself is very beautiful, and the artwork is great.… (more)




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