The Story of the Wind Children

by Sibylle von Olfers

Hardcover, 2006



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Floris Books (2006), 24 pages


George is playing with his boats, but there's no wind to make them sail. Then one of the wind children comes and blows especially for him -- and together they embark on a great adventure. The wind child blows dandelions in the meadows, shakes apples from the tree and blows the leaves around and eventually she blows George home on a cloud. From the author ofThe Story of the Root Children andThe Story of the Snow Children, this is another classic children's story with beautiful illustrations in the art-nouveau style.

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24 p.; 11.82 inches


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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Originally published in 1910, The Story of the Wind Children ("Windchen" in the original German), was Sybille von Olfers' sixth picture-book, although it is only the third that I have been able to obtain. The story of a young boy named George, who finds himself caught up in an exciting adventure, when a wind sprite named Willow comes upon him, and sends his toy boats racing across the lake, this gentle book is a pean to Nature in general, and autumn in particular, with Leaf Children and Rosehip Children joining the eponymous Wind Children in the celebration.

von Olfers' anthropomorphic depiction of Nature, in which cherub-like beings serve the various forces - Mother Earth, the Snow Queen, the Wind - is very much in evidence here, and I think that those who appreciate her benign storytelling style, and delicate art, will be very pleased. The more I see of her work, the more I understand the comparisons to figures like Elsa Beskow, Kate Greenaway and Walter Crane. Well worth a look, for any reader who appreciates old-fashioned fairy-tales, or the Art Nouveau style!
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