The Arthur Trilogy Book #3: Arthur: King of the Middle March

by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Paperback, 2004



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Orion Children's Books (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ) (2004), 416 pages


Arthur de Caldicot, on his way to becoming a man, witnesses the horrors of the Fourth Crusade in Venice and Zara, as well as the downfall of King Arthur's court, in his seeing stone.

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416 p.; 5.2 inches

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LibraryThing member PollyMoore3
The book after this in the series "Gatty's tale", I didn't enjoy quite as much, probably because I wasn't quite convinced that in the Middle Ages a peasant girl could become a fine lady so easily.
LibraryThing member turtlesleap
The third in a trilogy telling of the life of a 12th Century boy who can "see" something of the life and heroism of King Arthur. The language tends to be a bit simplistic, even for a young person but the story is interesting and does a very nice job of packing information about the period and some
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moral lessons in with enough adventure to keep a child engaged.
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LibraryThing member themulhern
A really strong tale set during the beginning of the Fourth Crusade. It is strange to find so many knight who, like Lord Stephen, can barely see or who, like Sir William, are failing in all their faculties. I guess the young knights are supposed to do the athletic portion of the fighting.

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terrible things he has observed and been unable, mostly, to prevent and even the very real fighting he has had to do himself, mostly against his fellow crusaders has changed the protagonist greatly. The previous books were not very easy going, but this book, since it is set in the middle of a war is by far the most difficult and contains the most terrible and barbaric events.

The protagonist's metaphor of himself as the apple containing the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden is really striking.

Michael Maloney's reading is excellent.
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½ (75 ratings; 3.6)
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