Movie Shoes

by Noel Streatfeild

Paperback, 1984



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Yearling (1984)


In America things change rapidly and Jane lands the star part in a Hollywood film. Before long she becomes much too big for her boots and has to learn about coming down to earth the hard way before the story ends happily.


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LibraryThing member EustaciaTan
This book is one of the most "well-loved" (to put it euphemistically) books in my library, second only to The Princess at Chalet. The story seems simple, being a spin on the well-loved classic "The Secret Garden".

The story revolves around Jane Winter, literally the plain Jane of her family. She
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feels hemmed in by her brilliant pianist younger brother, and her talented ballet older sister, with only her dog that understands her. As a result, when her family has to move to California, she's understandably upset and doesn't plan to enjoy herself, until she's unexpectedly cast in the role of the lead for the movie The Secret Garden.

What I loved about the book were it's depictions of America. Being weaned on British stories, such as books by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, I loved how the America was depicted using a British "lens". The life on the boat, the ice-cream sodas in New York and how all the children struggle to adapt to a different lifestyle was brilliantly portrayed.

If you're a fan of British writing, you should give this book a try.
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LibraryThing member cfbookgroup
A really happy book. We talked about whether it is realistic for all these talented children to have such fantastic opportunities! We really liked the sunshine and the warmth... California here we come! We talked about London and how it really was smoggy then... We liked the book, but commented on
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how it was so of its time - 1940s Britain. Famous children and nannies... This was a childhood favourite of one of our group. We read this book in conjunction with The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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LibraryThing member SueinCyprus
A typical Streatfeild family feature in this book: a gifted ballet dancer, a talented musician, and an irritable un-artistic middle child. The family have the chance to spend the winter with a relative in California, and the middle child gets a chance to shine. Family dynamics push this book
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forward; a lovely gentle read with humour and moving moments.
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LibraryThing member quondame
60 years ago I liked this book. It hasn't aged as well as I have and that isn't good. Middle child plain Jane, literally, staying in Santa Monica with her family for her father to recover from PTSD, is recruited to play Mary Lennox. Difficulties happen and are met and I wanted to strangle
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Peaseblossom every time she opened her mouth. What sort of family has an unrelated grownup living with them doing their work for no wages post WWII.
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