Stone Soup

by Jon J Muth

Hardcover, 2003



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E Mut




Scholastic Press (2003), Edition: 1st, 32 pages


Three wise monks trick a poor, frightened community into finding happiness by teaching them the magic of generosity.


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32 p.; 10.5 x 0.5 inches

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LibraryThing member champlin
Picture Book. This is a Chinese tale about a community working together to create something to eat. The villagers must come together and contribute something to the soup. I would use this book to demonstrate the power of cooperation.
LibraryThing member rwetherell
Three monks travel down to the closest city to see if the people are happy, but when they get to the town no one will talk to them and they are hide in their houses. So they decide to make stone soup, as people come out to see what they are doing the monks make suggestions of things that make the
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soup better and one by one the men and women all decide to contribute a little. In the end they all have a wonderful feast that they all added to and have a wonderful time sharing it with each other.
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LibraryThing member MDees
Stone Soup is a book about sharing. The question is asked, “What is happiness?” There are three monks find a village of unhappy people and teach the villagers about sharing. A great message in this story is everyone has something to offer. I love this story. I have already read it twice and
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cannot wait to read it again! The pictures are very pretty and I really enjoyed the message this book offers. Sharing truly does make us all richer. One way I would use this in the classroom is teaching about multiculturalism. Also, you can relate this story to American Thanksgiving. For example, how is this like the Native Americans who shared their bounty with the new arrivals?
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LibraryThing member lianedewan
This version of Stone Soup is set in China. It is the story of 3 Buddhist Monks who come to visit a village. They want to teach the citizens to share. So they decide to make stone soup for the village. Each of the residents makes a contribution to the soup.

I love this version of Stone Soup. The
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Chinese culture is presented in a great way. It would be wonderful to open up discussion about differences in cultures.

For a classroom extension activity I would have the class make stone soup. Each student would bring an item to put into the soup. It would be done as a team building activity at the beginning of the year to emphasize that all students in the class have something to offer and share.
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LibraryThing member b1m1d
Three Chinese monks come to a town where no one interacts with one another. The monks decide to make "stone" soup to teach the town that sharing leads to happiness and friendship.

This multicultual version of this classic tale is my favorite so far. The illustrations help to keep the flow of this
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story going and give the characters life.

I would use this book to teach children that sharing can lead to friendship. I would let the children make their own "stone" soup just like the monks in the book.
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LibraryThing member mr.discovampire
This book is a book of sharing and learning to work together. Kids learn that if they work together they can achieve things they never thought possible.

I remember my teacher reading this to us and she at the end of the book brought in the ingredients and she helped us make stone soup. The good ole
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This could be used for team building skills as we call them in girl scouts. the idea is to help children learn to work together to maintain a certain goal.
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LibraryThing member ht107821
This is the story of 3 Monks who come to visit a village. They enter a village that has been through trouble and trials. The monks enter this village and start making stone soup. The villagers do not speak to each other because they do not trust each other. By the end of the story the monks have
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gotten al lthe towns people out of their houses joining in to make the stone soup and they begin to start sharing all they have to put into this soup. Children will love to have discussions about the book and the culture and for an extention idea I would love to have the children sign up on a sign up list to bring food. Once all the items they want to bring are collected we would then share and make stone soup.
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LibraryThing member TatumNobis
The Summary of this story is, The monks appoarch a town that trusts no one. The monks decide to go to the village and make stone soup and little by little the villagers started helping, by the end of the day every one was happy again because they all came together again.

I really like this book
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because it shows how if all share and just be happy we will get even more out of everything then if we werent happy at all.

in the classroom i would use this book to show children how to share and maybe even make stone soup and ask students what they would like to put in it.
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LibraryThing member StephSchmahl
Three monks arrive at a town that is full of unhappy people. The monks decide to find a way to bring the town together by making a big pot of stone soup. Everyone in the town decides to come together to their own ingredient in. Then when the soup is ready they all sit down and share it like a happy
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I felt this book was a wonderful story about people coming together as a communtiy to share. Sharing and contributing to your friends and community is a good lesson that is expressed in this book. The town became happy when they came together as a community.

I would have students bring in thier own ingredient for stone soup. Then we could have a classroom talent show so the students could share their own gifts.
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LibraryThing member kwangme81
Three monks go to a village where the people are scared of newcomers. They all hide when the monks arrive. To attract the villagers, the monks start to make stone soup. The villagers begin to bring things to add to the stone soup.

This was a good book about sharing. It was an interesting and fun
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book to read.

This book could be used for a lesson about sharing. Children can learn that sharing not only benefits themselves but it benefits others too.
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LibraryThing member Brooke28
Villages come together to make soup. The do more than just make soup- they learn about each other and learn to trust others.
LibraryThing member johnlobe
Muth effectively adapts the traditional tale to a Northern China, high in a mountain village. The lessons of the story are remarkable natural for three buddhist monks to share. The watercolour illustrations created by Muth add a beautiful airy feel to every page.
LibraryThing member RebeccaMichelet
Three monks travel to a village to find what can make a person happy. While there, they discover the villagers all avoid the monks and they do not communicate, or work with others. The monks then decide to make stone soup. While making the soup a young girl becomes curious and asks what they are
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doing; then she helps them by finding stones and getting a larger pot. The villagers see this, and each villager begins to bring items for the soup. At the end of the story they all have a big feast, and shared stories. As one of the villagers said in the story, "sharing makes us all richer."
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LibraryThing member dc061140
Three monks come to a village where people isolate themselves from one another. They decide to made a soup in hopes to bring the people together. Everyone brought a different ingredient and made a wondeful soup. They ended up having a celebration and became friends.

I like this book because it
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showed how things can be accomplished with team work. Also, it was a book about making friends, which is very important.

I can use this book in the class room by simulating the recipe. We could make soup or do another activity where each child can bring their own contribution to the project.
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LibraryThing member soonergirlam
Three monks visit a village in China to teach the community about sharing and happiness. They decided to begin making stone soup. The villiage came together and each person brought an ingredient to help make the soup. The villagers became a more of a close knit community.
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It was an awesome book to exemplify the necessity of sharing and caring about one another. It was well illustrated and well written.
Extension #1:
I would have the students journal about why sharing is so important and how sharing related to them!
Extension #2:
I would do a lesson about China, because that is the setting of the book! I would teach them where China is and what life is like there.
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LibraryThing member lauren.anderson
Summary-The community is not getting along so 3 monks come in and make soup and everyone has to contribute some type of ingredient towards the soup.

Personal Reaction-It was a good book that definetley shows that we all need to work together at times and some things we can't do on our own.

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Extension 1-Teach the kids about sharing and how we all need to work together.

Class Extension 2-Celebrate the Chinese New Year at school!
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LibraryThing member Ashleyreece
Stone Soup is a story about a village full of people who will not share. One day a visitor comes to the village and asks for food. The villagers will not share their food with them. He says he will just make stone soup for everyone. He then lists the ingredients that would be yummy in his
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soup. One by one the villagers bring the tings for the stone soup. Everyone had a bowl of soup and from then on they all shared.
Personal Reaction:
I adore this story! Last year while assisting at WES I had the pleasure of reading this book to my third graders. After we read the story we made a list of our own ingredients that we would like in our own soup. We made our own Stone Soup and it was delicious!
Extension 1:
I would use this in a lesson about folktales. I would have the class journal their own folktale!
Extension 2:
I would also use this in a lesson on sharing. I would ask my kids why sharing is the right thing to do.
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LibraryThing member bananajames29
This book is the story of three monks that come across a village that doesn't interact with their neighbors. The monks begin to make stone soup and ask a little girl to contribute an ingredient. She then draws the attention of other villagers and they begin to contribute one ingredient each. Before
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they know it the whole community has come together through the act of sharing.
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LibraryThing member ebruno
Three monks teach a lesson to a community about sharing and giving. As a result, the enitre villageis united and feelings of generosity are experienced.
LibraryThing member Elizabeth1977
This is a traditional fable set in China. It teaches the lesson that sharing makes everyone happier.
LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: This story has been told many times in different settings though-out the world. Different communities have their own versions of it. In this version, a town is wary of strangers due to past hardships. When a group of monks arrive, they begin assembling a fire for a pot of stone soup.
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Their activity attracts attention from the townspeople who come out to make a contribution to the soup pot. In the end, they feast together, building a sense of community and reviving an old tradition.

Thoughts and Feelings: This story reminded me of one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches about service. "You don't need a college degree," he said, "to serve....You don't have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. All you need is a heart filled with grace, a soul generated by love, and you can be that servant." The character who began contributing to the pot of soup was a little girl who knew that her mother had a bigger pot. Young people aren't just learning so that they can serve some day. Everyone, no matter how young or old, has something valuable to give.
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LibraryThing member jerryreads
This book was read in class an it's a traditional fable, I find it to be a very good book.
LibraryThing member shaij1
Summary: Stone Soup is about three monks that set out to find the meaning of happiness. They come across a village that had been through hard times. The villagers work hard but only for themselves. When the three monks get into town all the people hide in their houses. The monks decide to make
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stone soup which draws a small girl out to help. Soon the whole village is getting supplies to help make stone soup. At the end of the story the village people are happy and know how to share. The monks taught them that working together brings happiness.

Personal thoughts: I enjoyed this book. The meaning behind this book is wonderful. It makes you curious to find out what stone soup is.

Classroom ideas:
1. Make stone soup by having each kid bring something from home.
2. Have the children discuss how they share and what makes them happy when working with others.
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LibraryThing member PaulaWilds123-
This story is set in a village in China, After many wars and hardships the villagers' hearts are starting to turn to stone. They are cautious of even the neighbors.Then one day three monks arrive and decide to make stone soup. With the help of a young, the monks start slowly stirring the boiling
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pot. It wasn't long before each person donated something to put in the pot. As each item was added, the aroma enticed more villagers and their contribution. Everyone enjoys a wonderful meal and learns how to become a close-knit community again.

Personal Response: I really enjoyed this book. The story is one cooperation and community. Although each did not have a lot to give, coming together and giving a little made a big differnce for the whole community. Muth's retelling of this folk tale gave it charm. His illustrations were great. Do you think pot luck gets its roots from Stone Soup?
1. This would be a great story to introduce another culture to students.
2. The story is good to open communications about caring and sharing in the classroom and local area.
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LibraryThing member jdieder104
Good book about a village in China that has been plagued with war, famine, and floods. The village has been through so much grief in the past, the villagers are afraid of each other and outsiders. The hide indoors and do not speak with their neightbors. Three monks come to town and decide to make
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stone soup. The making of the stone soup brings the villagers together. Stone Soup changes the outlook and happiness of everyone.
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