Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

by Peggy Parish

Other authorsLynn (illustrator) Sweat (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2003



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HarperCollins Children's Book Group (2003)


The very literal minded Amelia Bedelia becomes a substitute teacher for a day.


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LibraryThing member gaylagoff
Best of the Amelia Bedelia Stories.
LibraryThing member acochra
This is a really good story to create a read-aloud lesson plan to for an elementary classroom. You should have the students get into a literature circle and read them this story. They could ask questions before, during, and after the story and you could discuss ways you were going to answer these
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questions. This story is really entertaining and will keep the students interest from the beginning to the end.
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LibraryThing member tshrum06
This is an example of realistic fiction. It is not very realistic in that it wouldn't really happen, but it is more believable than a fantasy. The characters are believable, including Amelia, for the most part. I wouldn't say it's the best example of realistic fiction or fantasy, but a sort of a
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good mixture.
The plot is well established. The humor keeps the reader engaged and wondering what Amelia will be confused about next. The reader wants to believe, I think, that something like this could happen, so they keep reading to see how it gets resolved. The humor and the fast pace keeps the reader well engaged.
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Media: Pencil
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LibraryThing member LDGardner
When the new teacher is late, Amelia Bedelia ends up teaching the class. She has a list of things to do, but as usual, she has a little trouble interpreting it. When she reads that she should 'call roll,' she takes a round piece of bread and yells at it! When she reads 'run, run' in a book, she
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follows the order and runs until the children catch her! When she reads that the children should 'plant bulbs,' she goes to the store to buy lightbulbs. When she reads that they should 'paint pictures,' she takes the nice pictures off the wall and has the kids paint all over them. Amelia Bedelia's last feat is to do math problems about apples. She takes the kids back to the Rogers' house and has them outside playing with apples! Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, along with the principal and the new teacher, are a little upset with Amelia Bedelia initially, but they soon come to realize how fun she is and how delicious her caramel apples are.
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LibraryThing member hnebeker
I love all of the silly situations Amelia Bedelia gets herself into. my favorite is the one where she bakes a sponge cake using an actual sponge. I also think this series is a great way to teach children about basic safety while having a good laugh.
LibraryThing member hebeaton
This was one of my favorite books as a child and after recently reading it- it still is! Amelia acts as a substitute teacher for the day and she does everything on the list that the teacher leaves for her- literally! She is very funny and students will enjoy reading about the crazy things Amelia
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LibraryThing member VanessaKi1
This book is part of the Amelia Bedelia series. In this particular book she has to teach a class for Mrs. Rogers. She is able to get the class to learn and they are very engaged in what she is teaching. She goes feeling very succesful and tells Mrs. Rogers about her great day.
LibraryThing member alexandraharris
Amelia Bedelia does it again. This corky fun love character bring a whole new spin on the daily classroom experience. When reading this book you could easily bring fourth a class discussion about routines, literal understanding.
LibraryThing member rdelamatre
Amelia Bedelia returns with her crazy take on language, this time in the classroom. Kids are once again challenged to consider how language really works while "getting" the humor of her mistakes.
LibraryThing member sweetiegherkin
When a misunderstanding with the principal leaves Amelia Bedelia as the substitute teacher for the day, lessons aren’t quite the same! As usual, Amelia misunderstands the list given to her by taking it too literally. But taffy apples make everything all right in the end, and the children beg to
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have Amelia teach them again. Young readers will delight in the humor of Amelia’s misunderstandings, particularly in this book that deals with a subject they know so well – elementary school procedures.
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LibraryThing member arinehalinfield.edu
silly book full of plays on words. could be a great warm up activity to put phrase on board and ask the kids to illustrate what they think amelia bedelia would turn the phrase into.
LibraryThing member jhill06
Genre: Fantasy
Critique: This is a good example of Fantasy because while the setting is realalistic, the situations that take place would probably never be allowed to happen. For example, Amelia would never be allowed to take the kids to her house without getting caught.
LibraryThing member sbuckner
Amelia Bedelia is a humorous and creative book. It is good for teachers to have in their personal library, because children of ages 3-5 grade enjoy it. It envolves the children and helps them to relate to simple life experiences in a funny way. It's easy read, yet is longer then most easy read
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books. I would definitely recommend this book to any teacher.
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LibraryThing member lleighton05
Critique on Genre: This is a good example of a fantasy because many of the events would not take place in this world. So although it is technically possible that the story could take place, most people do not take things as literal as she does such as "calling roll" or "planting bulbs." Like
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instead of planting onion bulbs, she has them plant light bulbs. So therefore the story occurs on earth, but Amelia's literal take on everything is unrealistic.
Critique on Character: Amelia Bedelia is a round character because we learn about her perspective on things. We learn most about her through her actions. For example, we learn that she takes everything literally. We also learn about her through her conversations with the other characters, such as the students, and the principal.
Media: Colored pencil
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LibraryThing member DanielleHuslinger91
this book is about a girl named amelia bedelia. She is trying to help out her friend mrs. rogers, who is waiting for the new school teacher at the airport. She tells amelia to tell the principal that she will be a little late. When she gets there the principal puts her in the classroom. This would
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be a good for early readers. I would keep this in the library for independent reading time
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LibraryThing member jessi1590
Appropriate Grade Level: Grade 2- Grade 4

This book is about a girl named Amelia Bedelia. She is mistaken for a substitute teacher. Amelia could not tell the school’s principal the message that she had for him, the principal gives her the list of the thing that need to be done. He takes her to the
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classroom and leaves her with the children and the list. She starts doing everything that says in the list but in her own created way. When she is asked to call the roll, she finds an actual roll (bread) and tries to call it to come to her. The students are supposed to paint pictures. They paint over the professional pictures that are already hanging on the wall. During silent reading time, Amelia Bedelia has all the children read their separate books out loud, so she knows they are reading. Because she is not a teacher, she does wrong things in the classroom, but her attitude towards the children was really special and funny, the students loved her.
• Children can talk about careers, and jobs.
• Children can have group discussions about the funny things that Amelia did, and they can also draw a funny experience that the students had in a classroom or at home.
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LibraryThing member elainevbernal
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia is a hilarious story about the literal-thinking maid taking on a substitute teaching role. Amelia's literal interpretation of the regular teacher's instructions takes the students on an extraordinary school experience. For example the regular teacher left a math problem
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involving the subtraction of certain amounts of apples. Amelia takes the problem literally - she takes the school children to the home where she works as a maid, gathers apples for all the children and tells the children to take away apples from each other.

This humorous, short story is perfect for children ages 6-10. It can be used to help children understand what can happen when there is a substitute teacher - misinterpretation of the regular teacher's instructions, the possibility of having an exciting school day, and simply a humorous take on what can happen in a classroom environment. In addition, the concept of taking things literally can be easily related to children as developmentally, children at a young age usually interpret things literally.
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LibraryThing member samantha.roth
In this book Amelia Bedelia is called in to be a substitute teacher for a day. As she goes through the list of tasks to complete with her students it turns into a comical story because Amelia Bedelia takes things very literally. It's a funny story and a great one for your beginning chapter book
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reader to grasp.
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LibraryThing member adscrim
Amelia Bedelia is a classic book series. The good thing about them is that every book for the most part can stand independently, but they are all very similar. Although Amelia Bedelia may not be the best role model, the books are well written in the fact that they are comical and fun to read, and
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they familiarize readers with common idioms that they will see in every day life. It was always a joy to be able to read Amelia Bedelia when I was little and it still is now that I am in college and learning to be a teacher. She will be in my book collection
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LibraryThing member jbaile14
Review: This book is a great way to teach children about idioms. I thought the main message, teaching children idioms, was throughly explained each time Amelia Bedelia misinterpreted the actual meaning of the text. For example, when the list told Amelia that the children had to practice their play,
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she thought it meant playing outside rather than a school production. Another example was when the list told her to instruct the children that they needed to plant bulbs. Amelia Bedelia actually thought that it meant a lightbulb rather than a plant, so she bought the children lightbulbs to plant. Over all, I thought this book was a great example of how children or anyone can get confused over the true meanings of words.

Summary: This book was about Amelia Bedelia substituting as a teacher in a classroom. Amelia Bedelia is a household maid and therefore does not quite know what she is teaching. When she arrives in the school, the principal hands her a list and expects her to follow it. However, Amelia misinterprets everything on the list. For example, when the list tells her to "call the roll" she gets a real roll, puts it on the floor, and calls it. Throughout this book, Amelia continues to make silly mistakes that leaves the readers entertained.
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LibraryThing member rpazmino-calligan
Amelia Bedelia books usually contain comical situations and this is no exception. Amelia ends up being a substitute teacher and the events that ensue are ridiculous. She does not understand the meaning of all things the teacher had left for the class to do. Children will very much enjoy this funny
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LibraryThing member Kc3133
This book is very relatable and allows students to laugh and enjoy themselves while learning. This is a great resource to introduce idioms.
LibraryThing member katelyndraper
Amelia Bedelia gets mistaken for a substitute teacher. She follows the teachers instruction for the class very literally. The class enjoys Amelia's lack of common sense as she plants a light bulb instead of a plant bulb.
LibraryThing member caitlinbennison
The new teacher is getting into the airport later than she expected. Mrs Rogers asks Amelia to go tell the principal, but he thinks that Amelia is the new teacher. As always, Amelia gets into some trouble, but everything turns out alright.

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