by Jonah Winter

Hardcover, 1991



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921 RIV--shelved in Spanish Section




Knopf Books for Young Readers (1991), Edition: Blg Rei, 40 pages. Purchased in 2017. $15.99.


Discusses the childhood of Diego Rivera and how it influenced his art.

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40 p.; 7.32 inches

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LibraryThing member maxi1
This story, written in English and Spanish, is about the life of Diego Rivera. The story gives a glimpse about the struggles a young Diego went through when he was a baby. The book tells how the little boy spent his days and the troubles he faced in school. Through all of these troubles his parents
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support him and his passion for art. The story goes on to tell about some of the things Diego painted and the love he had for his home in Mexico.

I think this book provides an excellent means of introducing young children to some of Mexico’s history. Children will be interested in this story and not become overwhelmed with boarding text. I think the Illustrations are different in the way each page is represented with small bordered paintings. Because of it bi-lingual text, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language.

This book could be used use in a Spanish classroom. Each child could take turns reading a page form the book. I would read this story in a history class. I would have students to write a paper and expand on Mexico’s history or the life of Diego Rivera. This story can be used in art also. I would read students this story and then show them paintings by Diego Rivera. Students could then paint replicas of his famous work.
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LibraryThing member mrstelford
This books is in Spanish and English and tells about the life of the Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.
LibraryThing member ElenaEstrada
In the biographical children’s book Diego by Jeanette Winter, the author describes how the artist Diego Rivera created his career from his drawings in childhood to painting in Paris and into his old age. It is an important book since it documents the life of one of the most important Mexican
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artists in Latin American history. Diego Rivera is most famous for the murals he painted in public places throughout the city, as opposed to famous artists who only paint on materials that are displayed in museums. Diego’s subjects are also different in that he did not paint governors and dignitaries, but rather ordinary working people doing their jobs, celebrating religious holidays, and doing their daily duties. However, he also painted scenes that depicted soldiers shooting down striking workers who fought for social justice. Later, he traveled to Paris and Italy and then he returned to Mexico where he painted his most famous murals of the history of Mexico. He made an effort to depict all the culture that surrounded him. The book is written in both English and Spanish and is significant since it is non-fiction text. It is an important book for any children’s collection.
Ages 6-11
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LibraryThing member emleonard
A children's book that is in both spanish and english. It is about how a now famous artist Diego Rivera's childhood and what influenced him in art. This would be a a great book to read to children in a history class about an historical artist without boring them with facts.
LibraryThing member aclemen1
Story about the greateest muralist in Mexico who has vibrant paintings that tell the adventure in magic of Rivera's earlier years. This book tells story of passion for painting and love for his country. The story is also in spanish and english.
LibraryThing member mrea
This is a fantastic interpretation of Diego Riverra's life. The print has English and Spanish printed alongside one another and would be a great read for young readers learning Spanish or English. The illustrations are done in a Riverra-esque style and are a perfect compliment to the story.
LibraryThing member barbarapatt
Diego is a charming book about Diego Rivera,a world-renowned artist who had humble beginnings in Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1886. The story tells of how he loved art as a little boy and drew everything around him all day long. He never really liked anything but art and his parents encouraged him to
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pursue what he loved. What made Diego's art special was that he didn't paint paintings to hang in museums but rather he painted murals in public places that everyone could see. The book was written and illustrated by a husband and wife team. They captured the feel of Diego's growing up in the jungle and the small village where he lived with his parents. His father covered the walls of their house with blackboards so Diego could draw as much as he wanted.

I loved the book because it told Diego's story so simply and the illustrations were very much like the Mexican murals you see today. On each page was the text in English and then in Spanish. That was fun also and could certainly be a help for ESL students.

For a classroom extension, I thought about having the class make a mural for our hallway using the bright colors and simple shapes that Diego used in his murals.

Another idea might be to read about the town where Diego grew up.
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LibraryThing member Y-NhiVu
This book is about Diego. He is a Mexican artist. His art becomes well known because of his representation of his country.




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