Pigs Might Fly

by Dick King-Smith

Paperback, 1982



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PB Kin




Puffin Books (1982), Edition: Reprint, 158 pages


A runt piglet born with deformed front feet is coached in swimming by a duck and an otter and, when the pig farm is flooded, becomes a hero.

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158 p.; 5.5 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member fwendy
A warm, humorous, well-developed tale of a determined pig and his animal friends. My first Dick King-Smith book read shortly after its introduction. Read as an adult during my early years of teaching, it was just as delightful as reading Charlotte's Web when I was nine. (Not an easy read for most
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elementary students.)
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Enjoying every animal fantasy by King-Smith. This exciting story about a deformed runt who not only escapes getting culled but saves the farm is in many ways one of the best. Like real life on a farm it is a bit intense; not saccharine - perfect for adventurous young readers. I love how 'The
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Squire' and his wives, including 'Mrs. Barleylove' think of Pigman as their slave. I love how there are no children in the book - King-Smith realizes that young readers appreciate a good story even if it isn't directly about them.
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½ (37 ratings; 3.7)
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