The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood Second Edition

by Phd Kendall-Tackett, Ibclc Kathleen A.

Paperback, 2005



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Pharmasoft Publishing (2005), Edition: 2, 304 pages


Depression is a common occurrence in new mothers. For some, "postpartum blues" can drag on for years; for others, stress can build into total burnout. The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood takes on the dark side of being a mother and teaches ways to cope. Chapters focus on how to deal with negative birth experiences, loss of intimacy, anger and feelings of being trapped. A special section looks at mothers who survived sexual abuse.Up to 40 percent of new mothers experience depression. This book is aimed at those women, their partners and the professionals who counsel them.


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304 p.; 6 x 1 inches


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The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood is for any mom who is coping with the stresses and difficulties of being a mother in our modern world. It celebrates the importance of this most demanding role and offers specific advice on how you can cope with the challenges and make positive changes in your life. The chapters on the history of women in the workplace and simplifying your life are excellent reading for every woman.… (more)




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