Sea Star: Orphan Of Chincoteague

by Marguerite Henry

Other authorsWesley Dennis (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1991



Local notes

PB Hen (c.2)




Aladdin (1991), 176 pages


A wild colt rescued by two children is raised by a mare who has lost her own way.


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176 p.; 5.2 inches

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LibraryThing member Cottonwood.School
A wild colt rescued by two children is raised by a mare who has lost her own way.
LibraryThing member fingerpost
I found an old copy of "Sea Star" in my public library's sale bin, and bought it because I vaguely recall having read it when I was a child. I was hoping for a good book with some nostalgia value. "Sea Star" however, is a book with virtually no plot, no conflict to keep a story interesting, and a
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cast of Pollyannas that I found myself rolling my eyes in places. Story: Two children are asked to sell their beloved horse. Circumstances force them to do so. Then they find another horse! That's pretty much the whole story.
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LibraryThing member AprilBrown
A childhood favorite re-visited.Is the story as good as I remember? – YesWhat ages would I recommend it too? – All ages. Children will enjoy the single storyline; while adults enjoy an easy afternoon read (especially while waiting on a bus, show, doctor, or other appointments).Length? –
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Reasonable for an afternoon.Characters? – Memorable, several characters, though a bit confusing in the beginning.Setting? – Real world, Recent times (1940′s).Written approximately? – 1949.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – Yes! At the end, Sea Star had just been dropped off too weak to walk only hours before, it seems that at least 24 hours should have not passed, not less than five hours.Any issues the author (or a more recent publisher) should cover? This one again has a money issue. It would help if there was a tiny prologue showing some of the money amounts listed in the book in more up to date terms. We can understand why the Fire Department let them buy the baby for $10.00, though that is extremely low. However, the idea of college tuition being $250.00 needs some reconciliation with current figures. Also, some readers would like to know what happened to the real Paul and Maureen, even a good Internet search did not easily find anything.
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LibraryThing member fuzzi
This is a cute story about Misty, and the Beebe family, and a new pony they name Sea Star.

It's also making decisions about what's best, not necessarily what one wants. And Wesley Dennis illustrations, woo!




½ (171 ratings; 3.8)
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