Jesus : based on the King James version of the Holy Bible

by Demi.,

Paper Book, 2005



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New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, c2005.


With reverence, splendid majesty, and grace, award-winning artist Demi celebrates the life of Jesus and creates a book to be treasured for all time.

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The artist and author known as Demi is a favorite of mine. She has written many biographies of noted spiritual leaders and illustrated them, compiling exquisite picture books about everyone from Buddha, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, The Dalai Lama, Saint Nicholas and Muhammad. In this one she has told the
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story of Jesus. She has received many different awards for her books including New York Times Best Illustrated Book and a Kirkus Editors’ Choice selection. For this particular book Demi received an apostolic blessing from Pope John Paul II. Demi has also created several picture books with mythological/magical themes.

Demi's characteristic artwork is what really makes any book she creates very special and this one is no different in that sense. Like the beautiful detailed illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages she embellishes each page of text with gold or silver accents, miniature illustrations or illustrations with miniature and detailed figures and ornate borders. Unlike a true illuminated manuscript, however, her illustrations in this book are the focal point of each page and the text is in the margins at either side, rather than the other way around.

This book’s text is based on a modified King James version of the Bible. It traces the life of Jesus from birth through his life and crucifixion and resurrection, up to his ascension. The text that accompanies each of the illustrations that appear on facing pages is comprised of readings from scriptures of the New Testament. Its 46 pages make for a swift, well-edited, in-a-nutshell overview of the life of Jesus.

The publishers say this book is intended for the readership in the 9-12 year old age group. I think kids in this group would benefit from and even enjoy this book because it is so beautifully illustrated and the story is a great story…let’s face it…bottom line. However, it is not the sort of picture book you can just hand over and expect a child to read and thoroughly enjoy on their own unless they are particularly philosophical by nature. The text foments discussion and question. The pictures deserve a mature eye to lead younger eyes. For example, several illustrations include the presence of the tiny but important Dove of the Pentecost that a child will likely notice but not understand. I have found that with younger kids like my six year old granddaughter the language is too archaic and dry for it to be accepted as a typical page-turner story book. Children of this age should have the book read to them in short story form, a little at a time with plenty of explanations and plenty of time to appreciate everything that is going on in the detailed pictures. This is a book that cries out for patience and proper respect. It deserves to be absorbed slowly and it demands the space of mystery and the privacy of individual personal wonderment. Many who know me understand that I am a student of spirituality and a lover of the arts and will not be surprised to hear me say that while I am not Christian, I believe that all children deserve to participate in the legacy of spiritual and historical dimension that the great world religions provide. The world we have prepared for them demands this if they are to live in it with any hope of peace.

I like this book and can easily recommend it because it introduces the story of Jesus through the gateway of one’s imagination and one’s sense of the mysterious and one’s own aesthetic sense. Children will absorb what they are ready and mature enough to absorb. I think the archaic language rather than some dumbed-down modernization actually helps to elevate these tales to a more intuitive level and the illustrations that Demi has so masterfully provided speak to their subconscious minds as well as to the childlike literal sense by which young listeners and readers learn. This beautiful book is an experience if shared in a manner of its deserving.

Covered in this book are the tales of the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Flight into Egypt, Christ in the Temple, the Baptism of Jesus, the Miracle of the Changing of Water into Wine, the Temptation of Jesus, Jesus Cleanses the Temple, Jesus Summonsing His Disciples, The Sermon on the Mount, Naming of the Apostles, The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes and aspects of most other important areas of the Biblical account of the Life of Jesus all the way up to and including his ascension into Heaven. The book is well-crafted on quality paper with a satin finish and executed in fine colored and metallic inks. The borders and backgrounds of each page are parchment colored while the illustrations themselves are vivid and multi-hued. The text is the familiar “red-letter” edition wherein the words attributed to Jesus are printed in red. Scripture chapters and verses are noted for each passage of text. The end papers are gilt with detailed illustrations of angels in a style similar to that of the Renaissance. The apostolic blessing of Pope John Paul II is printed in the back of the book as well.

If you have the time and inclination and the patience to share this book properly I think you will, at the very least, find it of interest. You and your family may come to treasure it, as I have done, as a supplement to your children's spiritual training. I recommend it.
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Jesus is a biography about Jesus’s life. The book uses versus from the King James Version Bible to tell the story of his life. They start from the when he was born to after he was risen.

While reading this book I was amazed at all of the things that Jesus did. I knew he did so much but it really
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is puts it in perspective when you are reading a book about him and only him.

This could be used in a classroom unit about Christmas and how it came to be.
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