Helen Keller: Crusader for the blind and deaf

by Stewart Graff

Other authorsPollyanne Graff (Author)
Paperback, 1991



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Yearling (1991), Edition: Reprint, 58 pages


A biography of the blind and deaf woman who rose above her physical disabilities to international renown and who helped other handicapped persons to live fuller lives.


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LibraryThing member DLWilson1831
This was a biography about a young girl named Helen Keller. Helen was born a normal child, with no disabilities. At the age of 1 1/2 years old, she came down with a terrible fever and never truely recovered. When the fever broke she was unable to see or hear. She lived with her parents and sister and they along with her determination helped her to gain the confidence that enabled her to accomplish many things throughout her life.

In reflection, I think this was a very well written book. Although the book was dated, it still had a very good message. Helen was truely an inspiring role model for me. Sometimes when I was reading the book, I would not have guessed that Helen was seeing and hearing impaired. She gave me a sense of accomplishment by the things she was able to do with her limitations.

I think a terrific extension idea would be to have the children split into groups. One group would be blind folded and the other group wouldn't be able to hear. In this experiment the two teams must work together to perform a task working with their limitations. I think this would give the children a greater sense of appreciation for the gifts they have, sight and hearing.
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LibraryThing member pbrent
Stewart and Polly Anne Graff provide an accessible and easy biography of Helen Keller. The text is informative and fluid to read. This is an easy book to use for research in the classroom or as an example of a biography and summarizing.
LibraryThing member FriendsLibraryFL
Entertaining and easy-to-read introductions to the life stories of men and women who have helped shape American history.
LibraryThing member LynleeRae
Summary: Helen Keller is a deaf and blind child who is allowed to do anything she wants in her parents eyes. She needs help and her parents reach out to doctors in the Boston area in hope of their daughter being able to communicate. They send Annie who as a young child was nearly blind herself until an operation fixed her to see again. She arrives to help Helen start to process everything in a different way and at first everything is fine but when Helen started to act out of course Annie disciplines her and Helen's parents don't like it. They get over it eventually when Helen starts to make progress. It is a long journey to help Helen understand that what is happening is helping her to be able to communicate with others.

Personal Experience: Being blind and deaf is a terrible obstacle to have to face. Especially when it is all you have ever known and have had no discipline. Annie did what was best for Helen even when her parents didn't exactly think so.

Future Classroom Extensions: 1. Watch the movie made over Helen Keller.
2. Have them write a reflection on what they watched.
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LibraryThing member corzel1
This is a great book to introduce younger students/children to biographical books. I found the information about Helen Keller to be simple, provided a fair amount of detailed information (without being overwhelming), and very engaging for young readers. I liked that the author chose one important fact to illustrate for each page. I found it gave the book depth, and emphasized the importance of each illustration and the details within it. While also placing the readers focus on the text rather than the pictures. I found the illustrations to be very colorful and descriptive, but not overpowering to the story or information being provided. One thing I did not like was that the author did not really explain the different awards Helen received as an adult. I think it would have allowed the reader to connect with, be excited for, Helen's accomplishments.… (more)




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