Paul Revere (In Their Own Words)

by George Sullivan

Paperback, 1999



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Scholastic Reference (1999), 128 pages


A biography of the man made famous by a poem about the American Revolution, placing his life and work in its real historical context.

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LibraryThing member VhartPowers
The history of Paul Revere based on his own writing. Imagine that.
Paul was a junior named after his father, though his father's name was originally Apollos Rivoire. Paul junior went to school, but when he came of age he became an apprentice to his father who was a silversmith. Paul was quite good
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at this and when his father passed away he supported the family.
Paul is infamous for the one ride telling the colonists the regulars were coming, but this didn't happen until 1861 with the poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Paul was more than a patriot who is known for one ride at night. He was more than a silversmith. He had a military career that only had one incident that didn't end well. Afterwards he was said to have behaved in a cowardly manner. This was not acceptable to him. He fought for a military court hearing and was cleared of any wrongdoing in 1782.
He outlived two wives and had eight children with each wife.
He had many business ventures and made many bells for the area. They pealed on the day of his death.
This was a quick and informative read. I'd recommend it for upper elementary.
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