Cal Ripken Jr: Count Me In

by Cal Ripken

Other authorsDoug Keith (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1995



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921 RIP



Taylor Trade Publishing (1995), Edition: First Edition, 40 pages


An autobiography of the superstar shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.


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40 p.; 10.22 inches


0878339159 / 9780878339150



User reviews

LibraryThing member fwaldm1
I liked this book for three reasons. First, I liked how the book was a biography and picture book at the same time. This was portrayed through the illustrations, as they varied throughout the book. Within the book there were a number of photographs, which enhanced the story. These pictures captured Cal Ripken’s life, which included baby and childhood pictures, family pictures, and pictures of his career as a baseball player. Along with these pictures there were a number of illustrations that were drawn and that were appropriate to the mood of the story to show how Cal was feeling. Secondly, I liked the writing technique that was used throughout this book. Usually, books that talk about an influential person can get boring. Though, this books writing style was engaging, as Cal Ripken Jr. incorporated stories throughout his childhood that children can relate to. Finally, I loved the lessons that were incorporated into this book by Cal’s personal stories. For example, “When I was seven, I remember teaching the girl next door how to play checkers. I explained the rules, and we started playing on our porch. I’d give her hints with my eyes where to move. Secretly, I schemed against her. My plan worked as I jumped five in a row to win”. Cal Ripken Jr. came to his senses that cheating is like taking a shortcut, and that there are not shortcuts to success. Cheating only cheats yourself is a perfect lesson to teach young readers. Overall, the “big idea” of this book is that success is attained overtime through hard work and determination.… (more)
LibraryThing member cclark37
Summary: "Count Me In" is an autobiography by Cal Ripken Jr. Cal was a professional baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles. Before that, he was a kid who always dreamed of baseball. He wanted to learn all of the rules from his dad, who was a baseball coach. He ended up becoming one to best players to ever play the game.
Review: This autobiography showcased some of Cal's special moments as a pro, and a look into his childhood. I really liked that the book included actual pictures and illustrations to go along with what Cal was writing about.… (more)
LibraryThing member AliciaTrotman
I definitely enjoyed this book. First, I am a big fan of the Orioles. They are my favorite baseball team. Therefore, I wanted to know more about their past famous players. It gave details into Cal Ripken Jr.’s life. For example, he said “I had trouble sitting still. Whenever the teacher turned around, I’d grab my books and coat and run out of class and down the hall to go home.” I would think students feel like that sometimes. I also like the modesty this book portrayed. Cal never bragged about what he had accomplished in baseball. He said “to me, the fame wasn’t about breaking a record because I never set out to top Gehrig’s mark...It was really about playing the game I love the only way I know how- trying my best each day.” I believe this book can teach children humility and modesty. I also hope that this book teaches children to strive for their best every day.… (more)
LibraryThing member LexaGoldbeck
I really love this book, for one, because Cal Ripkin Jr. is my all-time favorite baseball player. Another reason I love this book is that he writes it, directly speaking to the reader. For example, he says, "Of course, I'm human, just like you. Sometimes I feel weak. Sometimes I feel weak. Sometimes I'm afraid. Sometimes I tire. Sometimes I hurt." He relates to the reader to let them know that he is just like you, and that he is not above you, which is something I really appreciate. I also like how he talked about cheating in games when he was younger and then an incident brought him to his senses and he states, "cheating is like taking a shortcut, and there are no shortcuts to success. Cheating only cheats yourself." Which is a powerful quote for students to read. I also really like the timeline that goes through the entire book. The timeline has major events that happened in Cal's life such as, dad becomes manager, billy joins team, all-star game, consecutive innings streak ends at 8,243, and more.

The big message in this book is to always stay true to yourself and have confidence. In the book, Cal states, "I refused to listen to those who didn't think I could succeed. Don't let what others say keep you from reaching your potential. Believe in your talents, and listen to your heart." I really love the last paragraph and how he sums this message all up, "as you continue your road of life, remember that it takes commitment to succeed in anything---school, work and even relationships. To go anywhere, to achieve anything, it all starts by saying these three words each day: Count Me In." He reiterates so much in this book the importance of believing in yourself and being positive. This is something so truly important.
… (more)




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