Sandy's Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder

by Tanya Lee Stone

Hardcover, 2008



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Viking Books for Young Readers (2008), 40 pages. $16.99.


As a boy, Sandy was always fiddling with odds and ends, making objects for friends. When he got older he started creating wire sculptures. Sandy made a lion. Next came a lion cage. Before he knew it, he had an entire circus and was traveling between Paris and New York performing a brand-new kind of art for amazed audiences.

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40 p.; 9.31 inches


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User reviews

LibraryThing member ecosborne
Sandy always made things and though he was an engineer at first he went back to school to become an artist and created his own circus from metal. This is a bit of an autobiography of Alexander Calder and has made me want to see his art.
LibraryThing member mrcmyoung
Charming text and illustrations depict the early life and work of Alexander Calder, whose whimsical moving wire circus gained attention in Paris and New York and led to his well known mobiles. This book is a great addition to any unit on art or sculpture.
LibraryThing member claireforhan
This brief history of Alexander Calder provided me with a lot of information I did not know, including that he went by Sandy and his first piece of art was a small wire circus. I really enjoyed the story- quick and easy to understand- and an interesting us of white paper and paints for the images.
LibraryThing member rsaenz4
Alexander Calder, better known in the story as Sandy was an artist filled with creativity and imagination. As a kid he built toys for his friends out of wire and other materials. When he grew up he went to engineering school but soon he realized that he wanted to become an artist. He went to art school and began his life as an artist. He traveled from New York to Paris and from Paris to New York several times. He began to create a circus out of wire. First he filled two suitcases from this circus until he filled up five suitcases. He exposed his circus to the public. His imagination didn't have a limit.

I like how this picture book is based on a real story but does not lose it's spontaneity as a children's book. The illustrations depict the imagination behind this artist. I think this book will teach young readers that using their creativity and imagination is absolutely acceptable. Also it gives the reader an understanding that you must work hard for what you want.

Format: Print
Genre: Art
Content Use: Based on a True Story
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