A Birthday for Frances (I Can Read Level 2)

by Russell Hoban

Hardcover, 2012



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R Hob




HarperCollins (2012), 45 pages


Frances is jealous of her sister's birthday, but birthday spirit moves her to reluctantly give her coveted gift.

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45 p.; 6 inches

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LibraryThing member sroeck
This book shows Frances with a lot of imagination in making up songs or putting new words to existing songs. Also shows her being selfish but overcoming that to forgive as well as be generous to her sister.
LibraryThing member allawishus
A sweet Frances story about her coming to terms with being generous on her sister's birthday. Frances is sort of unabashedly selfish, as I think most kids are, and it's hard for her to give up her allowance to buy her sister a present. Then she almost demands part of the present for herself! But
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she overcomes her more venal nature and her generous spirit triumphs. Cute.
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LibraryThing member wendyfincher
Frances is jealous of her sister Gloria's birthday party that is coming up. Frances makes comments about how unfair it is that Gloria is getting so much attention. She said she wanted to buy her sister a birthday present but, after she bought it she wanted it for herself. It is not until Frances
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hears Gloria's birthday wish for forgiveness (for hiding Frances' sand pail and shovel last year) that she decides to give Gloria her gift.
This is a great about siblings and families. This is a level 3 grade read.
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LibraryThing member coresonk
A great early reader book with a good message. When Frances gets jealous of her sister's birthdya party she starts to act out, then feel bad, and finally to understand that it is ok for her baby sister to have a birthday too. All of her actions are very realistic and would be recognizable to a
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child reading the book. This is a great book for teaching kids how to deal with their feelings.
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LibraryThing member hnebeker
This Frances book helps children figure out the confusing ritual of gift-giving. Children are innately selfish (and it's SO not their fault) and have a difficult time understanding why we adults would have them pick out a shiny new toy or a delicious candy bar only to wrap it up and GIVE it away to
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someone else! And so, through Frances's discovery, we get to see how giving can be fun too. This is a great book to give as an un-birthday gift (you know, the gift you give to the other sibling so they don't feel left out).
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LibraryThing member conuly
Birthdays can be HARD when you're not the birthday child. Frances realistically is upset that her baby sister gets cake and presents and SHE DOES NOT. So she eats her sister's present. Whoops.

There's a moral in here, though a bit of an inexpressible one, and there's a lot of realism. What more can
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you ask for?
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LibraryThing member satyridae
I love Frances. I love when kids come to my house and clamor for more Frances books. I love still having a few in reserve. I love reading them to people. I love reading them to myself. I am barmy for Frances.

But this Frances book has the best line in maybe the whole series, and one I quote on
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approximately 364 days each year: "That is how it is, Alice," said Frances. "Your birthday is always the one that is not now."
And usually when I quote it, I give your Chompo bar a little exploratory squeeze and wonder if maybe you aren't too little for a WHOLE Chompo bar of your own.
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LibraryThing member pbailey1980
A Birthday for Frances is a good story for youngsters to teach them about giving and thinking of others. It comes complete with original poetry and the imaginative creations of typical children. For example, Frances makes up her own spelling of words and those around here guess what she is trying
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to spell through context clues.
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LibraryThing member rpazmino-calligan
This book is about Frances having to exert self control and not eat her sister's birthday gift, a chompo bar. Frances has to spend her allowances on this gift, and in the end sings her sister happy birthday and lets her eat the whole candy bar.
LibraryThing member wealhtheowwylfing
One of the best children's books.
LibraryThing member may_tay_kay
I enjoyed the book “A Birthday For Frances” by Russell Hoban. I believe that the characters, the illustrations and the writing contribute to this. Frances is the main character. In the main story she has an imaginary friend and discusses what it is like to have a little sister you have to share
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with. I believe that Frances’ character development is extremely important because it allows the reader to understand how she feels as the big sister. Additionally, I enjoyed the illustrations. I liked that that the characters were shown as bears in this story, even though it never specifies that in the text. Lastly, the format of the song “Happy Birthday” is used throughout the story to show how Frances is feeling. I think that this is a cool, creative way to incorporate a familiar song into a book and keep the plot going. The message of this book is that it is good to accept apologies and share with your siblings. This is when Gloria wishes that Frances would stop being mad about losing the stand toys, and when Frances gives Gloria the Chompo Bar.
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