Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (Ologies)

by Dr. Ernest Drake

Hardcover, 2003


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Due Apr 18, 2024

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Fic Dra (c.1)





Candlewick (2003), 32 pages. $20.00.


This magical volume presents the long-lost research of 19th-century dragonologist Ernest Drake. Full color.


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32 p.; 10.31 inches

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LibraryThing member lauraejensen
This is a gorgeous, impressive book. Bound in red vinyl (?) with silver foil, and a glass dragon eye. No detail is spared, a very tactile, engaging experience. Children will want to handle this fragile book full of maps, fold outs, secret envelopes, riddles, spells, charms. A clever and dry
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encyclopedic guide to the dragon, everything you wanted to know from 'finding' to 'flying' them. Eccentric, a super find for Harry Potter fans.
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LibraryThing member herebedragons
#63, 2004

This is a GORGEOUS book which I picked up serendipitously at Borders (or B&N, can't remember which). It's a facsimile of a book originally published in 1895; a guide for the dragonologist. It's a natural history of dragons, including information on different types of dragons, how to work
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with and study them, famous dragon slayers and dragonologists - there is tons of great stuff in here. I spent an afternoon diligently translating riddles from the ancient runic dragon language, and yes, my face is reflected in the "dragon eye," which means I have the "innate wisdom and affinities with dragons" to become a true dragonmistress.

And, okay, so I know it doesn't really belong in the "nonfiction" section, but it's just beautiful. Lovely illustrations, "dragon scales" and things embedded into the pages, little envelopes with "handwritten" notes inside. What a lot of fun. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who loves dragons. It's one of the more beautiful books in my library.
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LibraryThing member heidilove
another delightful entry in the beautiful-books catagory. fun, too.
LibraryThing member LadyIrene
Dragonology The Complete Book Of Dragons Costco # 846335 $12.69 Retail $19.99
ISBN 0763623329-6 By Earnest Drake The Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists Candlewick Press Publisher of Rare & Unusual Books.
No Doubt but there is non other beeste comparable to the mightie dragon in awaesome
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power and majestic, and few so worthie of the
diligent studies of wise men Gildas Magnus, Ars Draconis 1465
These books are very colorful and lots of interactive things to do while enjoying it. There is Dragon Script.
And even a note on Dragon Dung :-) A remedy for scaring away savage beasts, during is invaluable in trips to wild regions. Rubbed daily onto the face it is a cure for many skin conditions. There is a warning that male dragons are attracted to it if you use female dung. (So where is the protection?) :-)
Afterword: The Work Of A Dragonologist: Be above all prepared. At all times be silent about your work. At all times be secret and Subtle. Do not discuss dragons with people who do not believe in
them, or with those who mearely seek to amuse themselves. Work only with those who share your passion. Learn what you can from all of the other sciences. Cherish all animals. Then one day the world may at last learn to accept the honorable science of dragonology.
Conservation: Undoubtedly, this is by far the most pressing concern. As the Earth becomes or populous, the wild regions that are the home
of the dragon become fewer. Unless we dragonologists can take the proper steps, these fantastic beasts may disappear from our world
altogether, never to be seen again.
And Last. Only a few become master dragonologists. Such are reflected in the mystical dragon's eye. Their task is to conserve
and protect those few dragons that remain, for who knows how many shall last another century, with the human population growing at such an expential rate? And with them, how many more of Earth's creatures will become eextinct until people start to say they never existed at all, except in our imaginations?
For more get the book!
I was listening on Native Radio a Catholic Rev. who worked with the Reservations. And he and his host were discussing how the dragons rumble and they are waiting their time to return to above ground. And the Native Indians can tell the difference from an earth quake and a dragon.
And you know that dragons were found with chared throats. Proving they did exhist. Not only in our imagination. It is said that all we think has been or will be.
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LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
This lavishly illustrated work is just so tactile and it's about dragons, what more could I ask for? Full of little bits to delight the eyes and the senses it's written as if it's a serious science work about dragons with samples of skin and blood and everything.
LibraryThing member SilverDragon
Dragonology is just precious. Lots of fun. And did I mention the dragons?
LibraryThing member pegasusdreaming
Suberb book, rich in colour and description, enthralling in intricate detail.
Dr. Drake has an enquiring, far fetched imagination that takes more than putting your tongue in your cheek to dissuade.
extremely entertaining and definately food for thought.
LibraryThing member cyberA
An ingenus flip up fantasy book based on dragons.
LibraryThing member srewart
This book is a marvelous piece of something just a bit more that fan fic. It has information on every kind of imaginary dragon and dragon-related artifact that you could ever think of. This book is a quick read, and it is easy to skim over some parts, but makes a great gift for small children, and
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is worth a look next time you go to your local library.
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LibraryThing member MartyAllen
Discover the world of dragons with Sir Ernest Drake.
The true magic of this book is that it really appeals to all ages. Though aimed at elementary school children, I first discovered it as a teenager and loved it, as did my ten-year-old sister and my forty-plus-year-old father. Plenty of beautifully
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sketched illustrations make it easy to read, yet the text is presented in such a way as to appeal to older children as well as younger. In addition, there are so many flaps, riddles, and other material to make this an extremely entertaining read for all. It can even be used as a learning tool—tales about dragon encounters could be used to teach children history and literature and the possible explanations for fiery dragon’s breath could be used in a science classroom. Matter-of-fact yet fanciful descriptions of dragons make it possible for the suspension of disbelief even after the book is finished—and make it a book to read over and over again. My favorite aspect is the sheer extent of it—I found information that even I hadn’t known before but that, when researched further, proved to be based on actual literature. Recommended highly!
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LibraryThing member Cripplewings
Dragons, Fantasy Picture book
LibraryThing member ElenaEstrada
Dragonology written by Dr. Ernest Drake is a wonderfully illustrated book with amazing pictures depicting the supernatural creatures known as dragons. The book reads like a science book in that it is divided into chapters that include the “Biology and Psychology of Dragons” and in that it
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includes detailed illustrations and explanations of dragons and their origins all over the world. Data such as dates and descriptions add to the “validity” of the information. I loved that the pictures are beautifully colored and that it is a large book where the reader may enjoy all the illustrations. The book includes fold outs that allowed the publishers to include extra information beyond the regular page. The pages also have scrapbook appeal as it includes items such as samples of “dragon specimens” that the reader may feel with his fingers but may not easily remove from the book since they are imbedded into the heavy paper that includes two layers. The author not only includes scientific information about dragons, but also adds depth to the dragon my developing many characteristics of dragons. For example, in Chapter IV the book has a creative pop out book of “Riddles and Puzzles” that may be used to distract a dragon in case of an emergency. The author states that, “Dragons are great lovers of riddles, and see them as intellectual and linguistic challenges”. This is a creative element since it defines the dragon not so much as a senseless killing fire breathing “monster”, but as an intellectual creature with great reasoning capabilities and physical strength. I thought it was an inspiring book for a child with a vivid imagination.
Ages 7 and up
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LibraryThing member Tina_Ervin
This is a really fun book. There are jewels on the cover and "dragon scales". Not a good choice for a library as there are lots of things that pull out. Still, it will be fun while it lasts!
LibraryThing member Xleptodactylous
Re-reads will tell me whether I can use these books as references for any dragon novels I may (will) end up writing eventually. Either way, they're fun, beautiful and sometimes all you need is whimsy.
LibraryThing member Greymowser
Grabbed it from a secondhand store. Fun book. Great drawings of dragons.
LibraryThing member mrsdanaalbasha
This series is wonderful, I remember flipping through it with my little cousins, they were in owe when they touched "The Dragon Skin". It's cute to see how much they believed in mythical creatures.




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