Warriors: Rising Storm: Book #4

by Erin Hunter

Hardcover, 2004


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Due May 7, 2024

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Fic Hun




HarperCollins (2004), Edition: First Edition Later Printing, 315 pages


Fireheart, the warrior cat, faces many challenges in his new role of ThunderClan deputy as his apprentice, Cloudpaw, resists following the warrior code, Bluestar weakens, and Tigerclaw continues to haunt the forest seeking revenge.

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2010 (Nederlandse vertaling)

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315 p.; 5.5 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member mr17
very good book if your like cats, and like adventure.
LibraryThing member kimmiesh123
After being named as thunderclans deputy,fireheart is devistated to find graystripe leave to live with his 2 kits in riverclan.A drought has been brought to the forest.One night rain finally comes,but its a thunderstorm.By the treecut -place ,a bolt hits a tree and a fire burns through the forest.2
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elders are left in the clearing where the fire is burning,fireheart and yellowfang go to rescue them.Disaster hits as bramblekit was hanging from a tree branch and without warning the tree catches fire!Fireheart is torn between yellowfang and bramblekit.Read the book and see who fireheart chooses.I highly recommend it.
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LibraryThing member billybobjoeysileo
fireheart is named deputy and he is crushed to find out graystripe leaves to go with his kids and a fire rips through the forest and heads straight for the clan! two elders are left on accident and firestar and yellowfang are sent back to help them but bramblekit is hanging from a tree that is on
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fire! he must choose between yellowfang and bramblekit
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LibraryThing member snikita
In this book Fireheart the new deputy of Thunder-Clan has to save his Clan from the rising storm. Fireheart sees the fire coming and tries to save his Clan with the medicine cat, Yellowfang but while Fireheart his saving Bramblekit the medicine cat dies. I would recommend this book to people who
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like action, adventure,and courages cats.
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LibraryThing member jians
Yes, another storm hits Thunderclan and their: Graystripe, Firestar etc. beloved home. But fire is only one problem, Bluestar gets hit by smoke breathing sicknesses. She might even loose her last life! Fireheart thought he could tell the clans the problem was small when TIGERCLAW, now leader of
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Shadowclan is there!
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LibraryThing member ywoo
Thunderclan sent Tigerclaw away. They thought Tigerclaw will never come back to the clans. Then one day Nightstar the Shawdowclan's leader died of sickness. So Shawdowclan was finding a new leader. But because Bluestar the Thunderclan leader didn't say about Tigerclaw, Shawdowclan mad Tigerclaw now
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the leader of Shawdowclan. Now I think Tigerstar(If its a leader of a clan you put star at the end of the name.) thinks that it will be over if he kills Bluestar. But I don't think that I think because Fireheart the Thunderclan Deputy will be the leader of Thunderclan and will not allow Shawdowclan to attack Thunderclan. But I am still worried about Thunderclan because Showdowclan is much more stronger.
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LibraryThing member KendallR
As it gets hotter and hotter, Fireheart deals with a apprentice's shocking secret, a whole fearful clan, and a clan leader (Bluestar) who is shell of her former self.
LibraryThing member sublunarie
Holy crap! Best ending so far!!
LibraryThing member debbyr420
Fireheart, the warrior cat, faces many challenges in his new role of ThunderClan deputy as his apprentice, Cloudpaw, resists following the warrior code, Bluestar weakens and Tigerclaw continues to haunt the forest seeking revenge.
LibraryThing member kenzie12368
Rising Storm was amazing like all of the other books (1-3) and I can not wait to read the next!
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Such a beautiful, imaginative series. I choose to believe this is what happened to my Taz after she went missing. I can easily picture her being Shadow Clan.
LibraryThing member TnTexas
I appreciated the fact that this book stands well on its own, despite the fact that it's part of a series with a continuing storyline. In other words, you can read it on its own and still feel like you've read a complete story instead of only part of one. Obviously reading the previous books makes
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the reading experience a bit richer, but still .....

Anyway, overall this is a well-paced, suspenseful book that my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed.
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LibraryThing member JuliaW.G3
Tigerclaw got banished! And Fireheart knows that he will come back, but right now he doesn't have time for that
LibraryThing member Sheila1957
Fourth book of the first Warriors series. Bluestar is having a hard time getting over Tigerclaw's betrayal. Fireheart is learning to be deputy but he is thwarted by Bluestar's lack of presence in the clan. He is also having problems with Cloudpaw. When tragedy strikes Fireheart must lead his clan
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to safety while dealing with rogues.

I am enjoying this series. My niece got me into it and refuses to answer any questions. "You'll just have to read to find out," she tells me. I like Thunder Clan. I also enjoy watching Fireheart learn how to lead. He makes mistakes but is willing to learn and to listen to those of experience. He has problems inside and outside the Clan. He does his best in all situations.

The story is full of action and adventure. There is intrigue and some romance. Fireheart is clueless there. It is also good to see that blood does not always mean family. It means being able to trust those that have your back.
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