Warriors: The New Prophecy: Book #1: Midnight

by Erin Hunter

Hardcover, 2005



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HarperCollins (2005), Edition: First Edition, 303 pages


Called by StarClan to fulfill a new prophecy, a group of young cats sets out on a long and dangerous journey, knowing only that trouble threatens the forest, as the adventures of the warrior clans continue.

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303 p.; 5.5 inches

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LibraryThing member allisonmc
this is a thrilling adventure with danger and excitement.
LibraryThing member mr17
very good book if your like cats, and like adventure.
LibraryThing member YogiABB
SuperPizzaBoy and I just got through with this book. We have been working on it at bedtime for quite a while. This series is about cats. Cats who form themselves into clans. The cats have different personalities and roles. The clans have their rivalries.

It is primarily about wild cats. House cats
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are looked down upon. Humans are called two legs and are best avoided. The cats fear autombiles, they are monsters, and roadways are "thunderpaths."

This is the first book in a series. It has to do with the efforts of the cat clans to unify. The alternative is destruction for all. There is lots of adventure. SPB was enthralled with the story. We will be reading more in the series.

I give this book four stars out of four. A great book for children that adults can enjoy. Give it a try!
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LibraryThing member espadagimmjaw
The book shows how the life of a wild cat is quite hard. How they have emotions like you and me, and that because of their fate they have to have many hard times.
LibraryThing member krau0098
Having constantly seen these books in the book store and hearing how good they were I really wanted to read some of them. That being said when I got the first book in the series I didn't realize I was getting the first book in the second series. So I never read the first 6 book in the Warriors
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series and my first Erin Hunter book is actually the second series about the Warrior Clans. Strangely enough I did read that Erin Hunter is not an actual person but is the pen-name for a group of 3-4 women who all write for this series; I just thought that was interesting. Anyway, on to the book review.

This was an engaging, suspenseful, and fun to read book. It is about the four Warrior Clans of cats (introduced in the Warriors series). The story focuses on Brambleclaw who has a dream about salt water accompanied by a warning about a horrible storm that will come to the home of the Clans. When Brambleclaw finds that Warriors in the other Clans are also having similar dreams, he groups up with them and they go off on a quest to find the salt water in hopes that this will reveal the storm that is supposed to overtake their home.

The book is well written; not anything spectacular but it is good reading. The cat's personalities are somewhat stereotyped but still well developed. This book reminded me very strongly of Tailchaser's Song. If you like this series I would definitely recommend you read Tailchaser's Song; it is a wonderful book if a bit darker than these books. There is quite a bit of action in this story; it is definitely a fantasy adventure type of story. The book kept me interested and pulled me right through the story. I am starting the second book as we speak because (although the main objective of the book is concluded) the events surrounding the main goal of the cats in this book are not concluded and you are kind of left hanging.

My biggest complaint with this book is that in the first few chapters you have a billion names thrown at you and they are all similar so it is very hard to keep everyone straight. I think maybe I would have had an easier time with this if I had read the 6 books in the first series. Hunter does try to help you out by throwing an index in the front of the book with all of the Clans and all of the cats in the Clans; unfortunately that information didn't mean squat to me until I had struggled through the first few chapters. I decided to relax and just go with it; hoping that it would be easier to keep everyone straight when the cats took off on their quest. Ends up I was right, when the cats took off on their quest things got much better and I was much less confused. I still get the feeling though that Hunter didn't really need to introduce all those different Warrior cats in the first few chapters. Most of them don't play any role in the story; at least not yet. If not for the first few chapters I would have given this book more like 4.5 stars.
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LibraryThing member billybobjoeysileo
a prophecy has brought four cats from each clan on a journey to find midnight.
LibraryThing member NiSm0430
The first book in the New Prophecy series. This is pretty much the base to the books following this one, since theres a few new characters, and they live somewhere else.
LibraryThing member dbree007
Once again I am mesmerized and seduced by the cat world and all of their problems and triumphs
LibraryThing member Kata18
this book is part of my favourite serries: the new prophecy.
LibraryThing member tatertot84
This book tells of four clans of cats that live in the country side. In one of the clans known as ThunderClan, a warrior named BrambleClaw has had a vision from his dead cat ancestors known as StarClan that he must form a group with a warrior from each clan. Together they will journy to a place
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filled with salty water and reseave a message from a creature called Midnight. As soon as he can, BrambleClaw meets up with the other cats that had the same dream and pland when to leave. But as soon as the meeting is over, BrambleClaw's apprentice Squirrlepaw finds out and makes her come to or she will tell the clan leader Firestar(her father) about the journy. When the journy begins, they travel further than they have ever before into the uknown. Now all the clans are restless for their warriors are missing and question why they left. Only Squirrlepaw's sister Leafpaw the medicene cat's apprentice has a strong conection with her sister and senses her feelings and thoughts. As the journy continues, they sprint through Twoleg towns (also known as people) and get very lost and are unconfortable with all the monsters(or cars). Finally they found a Kittypet (or pet cat) named Purdy that directs them through the confusing streets and alies until they find ocean that they were looking for. Taken by suprised by an old badger( a cats worst enemy) they prepare to kill it. But suddenly it spoke to them in cat language and said she was Midnight! Now Understanding this badger belives and talkes to StarClan they listen to their message. They now learn their forest home is in terrible danger because the Twolegs are building a new thunderpath (also a road) through the forest. As soon as they could, the group travels as fast as they can home. Unfortunatly just as they left trees fell and splintered startling and scaring the whole ThunderClan, the destruction of the forest has begun!

The Warriors books are my favorit series of all time! It tells an extrodenary tale about the life of the clan in peace, war, and growing up. I wish I could have started with the first series but I read it so long ago I forgot!
I love how the characters act so human by doing their duties in their camps. A clan consists of a clan leader with nine lives from StarClan, the deputy that becomes leader if the leader dies, warriors that hunt, defent, and keep the clan in order, apprentices that learn how to become a warrior, and a medicen cat that heals and cures the camp from injury and sickness. The medicen cat also is usually the only cat that interacts with Starclan and resives information and warnings from them to. I like how well organized this book is.
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LibraryThing member kenzie12368
Now I have to say that Midnight by Erin Hunter was not very..... exciting for me. I found the book interesting, though. I have to say that. I can't wait to read this series!
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Such a beautiful, imaginative series. I choose to believe this is what happened to my Taz after she went missing. I can easily picture her being Shadow Clan.
LibraryThing member br13olfr
Midnight, by Erin Hunter, is about four clans of cats, and more specifically, the journey that four cats, one from each clan, make to save their clans. Humans are tearing apart their forest home to put in a new highway, so they must flee their homes, or die, either of starvation or being crushed.
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Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw, and Feathertail, along with two tag alongs, Squirrelpaw and Stormfur, were chosen by Starclan, their warrior ancestors, to seek out their new home, traveling far beyond where they had ever known.

This book is similar to Redwall, by Brian Jacques. The books are both part of a series about animals, which are personified, and their adventures. There are differences, though. For example, Midnight is set in our world, during while we live here, and the cats have to learn to survive alongside humans. Redwall, however is set in a world where there are no humans, or the humans are long gone, and instead, the world is inhabited by animals only. The animals are the equivalent of people. They farm, fish, fight, go on journeys, and build homes, or or places like Redwall Abbey.

This book isn’t quite as good as Brian Jacques’ novels, but it is still very well written, and I enjoyed following the cats as they went in search of a new home. There was nice detail, and Erin Hunter does well in character creation. My favorite character was Squirrelpaw because we have much in common, some traits being stubbornness, and reluctance to do as told by elders. I would recommend this book to kids who want to read some thing with adventure, and a bit of fantasy.
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LibraryThing member broccolima
This was a very good beginning to the series. It continues on with the same cats as last time, plus some new (and very good) ones.

I will see there was very little fighting in this book compared to some of the last ones, so if you're a huge fan of the clan cat fights, they haven't happened as much
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here yet.

It also seems like the character interaction is richer and more important.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this book!
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LibraryThing member AislinnH.B1
Brambleclaw is the newest warrior of ThunderClan. But after a dream visit from a strange cat, he must journy far from the forest. Not only that, but with cats from other clans!
LibraryThing member KendallR
Young Bramblepaw finds himself in a dream - and its telling him to meet together, four cats in all, somewhere. When they all meet, Squirrelpaw (Firestar's daughter) tags along too in the adventure; even though she didn't have the dream. Now the five cats travel to sunset place to discover the
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LibraryThing member 9dp01bev
Even more exciting than ever and good details as always.
AR book.
LibraryThing member Sheila1957
A new series in the Warriors series has Brambleclaw receiving a dream from Star Clan. He along with 3 other cats have received the dream. What does it mean? Why are the medicine cats not receiving the dreams?

I liked this story. It starts off about a year after the first series ends. We are now just
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about on the second generation since Firestar has become the leader of Thunder Clan. Brambleclaw has to determine what his dream means and how the other cats fit in. They must work together and travel to Midnight. I like this group of cats. We still have Firestar and his generation as well as a few elders but this next generation looks like it might change things up in the status quo. I liked the Yoda-like character that appears. I am anxiously waiting to see me niece to get the second book in this series.
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