High Rhulain (Redwall)

by Brian Jacques

Other authorsDavid Elliot (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2005



Local notes

Fic Jac





Philomel Books (2005), Edition: 1st, 341 pages


Following a dream, the young ottermaid Tiria travels from Redwall to the Green Isle, where otters have long been enslaved by feral cats but fight back as they await the High Rhulain, a savior whose coming was foretold.


Original language


Original publication date

2005 (original)
2007 (Russian translation)

Physical description

341 p.; 6.25 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member Eve-angeline
“Jacques is milking it.”

As I picked up this novel, I expected the typical Redwall plot: Far-off land is in trouble, A warrior rises from the midst of peaceful Redwallers, they follow clues that rhyme and allow the plot to move forward, stuff happen (usually reunions), then a huge battle
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ensues. However, I didn’t expect this bread and butter structure to be followed so literally.

From this selection, it’s evident that Jacques is just milking out as much as possible. It takes FOREVER for the plot to move its way forward, and when it does it GRINDS its way through. This book is just about 80% filler (although, I should have been used to that, because, hey, it’s Redwall). But the filler didn’t feel like scenes of hearty feasts, depicted emotions, or amusing chortle-worthy jokes, it just felt like filler.

Personally, I felt that Jacques hearty, adventurous writing style was greatly lacking. Everything is rather forced.

High Rhulain should only be read for the sake of having the right to say: “Redwall? Oh, yeah. I read that series. Every single one of them!”
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