The Long Patrol (Redwall)

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 1998



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Fic Jac





Philomel (1998), 358 pages


Tammo, a daring young hare hungry for adventure, is sent with Russa Nodrey, the wandering red squirrel, to join the Long Patrol and defend Salamandastron against the Rapscallion horde.

Original language


Original publication date

1997 (original)

Physical description

358 p.; 6.26 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member laxhslr9599
This is probably one of my favorite brian Jacques books in this series. A little change up in the viewpoint in which you get things from the hare's and the badger lord's perspective in that they live in the legendary mountain salamandastron. A great read, and the rest is for you to figure out.
LibraryThing member Nikkles
Very probably my favorite book in the series (and its a great series). I just love the rabbits of the Long Patrol!
LibraryThing member Kathleen_E
I used to read these books to my little brother. I remember we would both look forward to a new one coming out! I don’t remember much of The Long Patrol (or any of the books) in detail but I remember the excitement when mother brought it home. On reading it we both enjoyed getting an inside look
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at the Long Patrol and the badger lords. And who can resist loving the hares in Brian Jacques’s novels? Wonderful Characters!
Long Patrol was one of the books that he re-read on his own many times.

The Redwall books are brilliant, Jacques writes wonderful characters and engaging plots. They are the children’s books that adults will love to read to their children.
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