Pearls of Lutra (Redwall)

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 1997



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Fic Jac





Philomel (1997), 408 pages


Tansy, a young hedgehog living at Redwall Abbey, attempts to solve the riddle of the missing pearls while at the same time the evil marten, Mad Eyes, desires them for himself.


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Original publication date

1996 (original)

Physical description

408 p.; 6.4 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member bluesalamanders
This was quite enjoyable to listen to. The reader did fun voices for everyone (a necessity with this kind of book) and did a lovely job of reading. I always liked the Redwall books - I have a dozen or so of them myself, including this one, since my parents gave me Redwall when it was first
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published. Many of the later ones were basically rewrites of the earliest few, but this one is more original than some of the others.
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LibraryThing member ALindelof
MArtin of Redwall is on a quest to free there Abbot from the evil Pine Marten, Mad Eyes. Traveling across the ocean, will he make it. I reccomend this to people that like war and Mice
LibraryThing member SoonerCatholic
This was the first Redwall book that I ever read and hence my favorite. The others are quite good, especially the early one, though the later ones start to seem a bit repetitive. All in all a highly recommended series.

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