Lord Brocktree: A Tale from Redwall

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 2000



Local notes

Fic Jac





Philomel (2000), Edition: 1st American ed, 370 pages


The mountain of Salamandastron needs the help of Brocktree the Badger Lord when evil comes in the form of the Blue Hordes of Ungatt Trunn, the Earth Shaker.

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Original publication date

2000 (original)

Physical description

370 p.; 6.26 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member Mrs.Williams
Brian Jacques is back with one of his best books in Lord Brocktree. Hitting every note in your heart with tales of friendship and the struggles of battle, he shows just what can happen if you really set your mind to it.
LibraryThing member chenp16
Lord Brocktree is a fantastic book. He used creativity. It shows friendship and courage. It is also full of adventure. I strongly recommend this book!
LibraryThing member hskey
It's a blast coming back to this series, which I loved so much as a kid. I'll eventually get to the rest of them, but I'll save it for a time when I really need it.

Lord Brocktree felt like comfort food, all of Jacques trademarks are here - vivid descriptions of food, all manner of woodland
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creatures uniting to defeat an evil force, funny songs and never shying away from some pretty brutal deaths.

Badgers are great, Salamandastron is still my favorite name for a fortress. A bit formulaic, but that's all part of it.
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