The Haunted Bridge (Nancy Drew, Book 15)

by Carolyn Keene

Hardcover, 1938



Local notes

Fic Kee





Grosset & Dunlap (1938), Edition: Revised, 192 pages


Nancy Drew becomes involved in a double mystery concerning a haunted bridge and jewel thieves.


Original language


Original publication date

1965 (revised)

Physical description

192 p.; 4.94 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member DrFuriosa
The mystery was a bit thin, and there was a very annoying man who dominated too much of the book. Also, I'm amused by all the activities and sports that Nancy is just naturally gifted at. I mean, good for her...
LibraryThing member padame
Mr. Drew is on the trail of an international ring of jewel thieves and asks Nancy to assist him: The trail leads to a summer resort area. Before Nancy has a chance to start work on her father’s case, a golf caddy tells her frightening tale. In the dense woods nearby is an old wooden foot bridge
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guarded by a ghost! Intrigued by the caddy’s story, Nancy decided to investigate.
Several riddles confront the young detective as she attempts to solve the mystery of the haunted bride and track down a woman suspected of being a key member of the gang of jewel thieves
How Nancy finds the answers to the tow mysteries and at the same time, despite her injured hand, wind a trophy in a golf tournament will thrill all Nancy Drew fans.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
This one didn't come together as neatly as other Nancy Drews and was less predictable as a result. Nancy Drew has a week to find an international jewel thief ring, sort out the story of a woman whose house burned down, solve the mystery of a haunted bridge, and win a golf tournament! She manages
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all of them, of course.
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LibraryThing member justagirlwithabook
I absolutely loved Nancy Drew growing up. This was a series I latched on to for dear life and never let go. Anytime my mom and I would go to antique stores, we'd peruse the Nancy Drews and add them to the collection (oftentimes my mom had to make deals with me on how many I could buy). So, while I
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don't remember the exact details of each and every one, the entire series was amazing and really fed my love for reading (especially novels full of suspense and mystery). Thank you, Carolyn Keene, for giving us an intelligent female character to fall in love with in Nancy Drew!
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