Mystery of Crocodile Island (Nancy Drew, No. 55)

by Carolyn Keene

Hardcover, 1978



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Fic Kee





Grosset & Dunlap (1978), Edition: New edition, 192 pages


A young detective's attempts to uncover a group of poachers on Crocodile Island in Florida involve her with kidnapping, reptiles, enemy boats, and a sinister racket.


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192 p.; 5 inches

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LibraryThing member Icecream18
Carolyn Keene never fails to deliver an excellent mystery novel in her series of Nancy Drew, super sleuth. I really like how all of her novels follow the same pattern, one would think this could be boring, however, it is satisfying to the reader to know or be able to guess at the events of the
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Nancy Drew remains, as always, a terrific protagonist. Her friends, Bess and George, are terrific "sidekicks" with well-developed personalities. I never fail to enjoy these novels, keep producing them!
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LibraryThing member kbork1
Overall, I enjoyed this book. I initially picked it because I remember reading it in third grade and loving it, so I was curious to see how or if my opinions of it had changed since childhood. Re-reading it again, I definitely enjoyed it! My favorite part about the story was definitely the mystery
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and sense of adventure throughout the novel. Though the story started a little slow, there were definitely parts that I didn’t want to put the book down because I wanted to see what would happen next. One thing I also found interesting while reading was that there were a few illustrations scattered throughout the story, but the illustrations were more like sketches and outlines of a scene. I thought this was interesting because while reading, I was picturing the story in my head, but then I would come across to the scene and I had the characters looking a little different, particularly more modern than the author depicted. I think this is because Nancy Drew is an older series, and in my head I was picturing a teenager from now as opposed to 30-40 years ago. I definitely appreciated the illustrations because it reminded me of the context and time the story was written. I also enjoyed the overall message of the story. Nancy, the main character, and her friends were in Florida trying to solve a mystery about what was happening to the endangered crocodiles, so the overall message was about why it’s important to protect wildlife.
I would recommend this book for upper elementary and middle school. It’s a definitely a little bit of a longer chapter book, but pretty easy to comprehend. I think any child looking for a good mystery would enjoy it!
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