Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Photographic Story of a Life

by Tanya Lee Stone

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Paperback, 2009



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DK Children (2009), 128 pages. $5.99 (Sept 2017).


Highlights the life and accomplishments of the woman who used her experiences growing up in a pioneer household in the nineteenth century to write a series of classic children's novels, including "Little House on the Prairie."


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128 p.; 5.13 inches

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LibraryThing member JeneenNammar
5th to 12th grade. Tanya Lee Stone contributes a comprehensive and well-written biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder to the DK Biography series. In it she traces Wilder's life from birth to death, from her parents, her childhood, through all the places she lived, and all that provided material for her
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books. In the end, Wilder fans will much appreciate learning all they can about a beloved author's life. The book cover calls this a "photographic story of a life" and many photos do splice up 128 pages of text. They provide a much-valued pictorial story that runs in companionship with the text. Stone also includes drawings, maps, letters, and pictures of artifacts like Pa's real fiddle that bring eras to life that are long gone. Boxes of factual information occasionally appear in the upper right hand corner to ground Wilder's biography to a greater historical context. At the end Stone includes a pictorial time line for Wilder's life and a list "For Further Study" that will be helpful to the reader as well. This book is highly recommended for public, elementary, middle, and high school libraries. Challenging for later elementary students and easier for high school students, the DK biography on Laura Ingalls Wilder will help students glean the necessary information for school projects and personal enrichment.
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LibraryThing member anunez1
I enjoyed this chapter book because of its use of actual photographs to depict the lifestyle and people of the time period, and for its detailed depiction of Laura Ingalls Wilder. First, I enjoyed the photographs used to depict the lifestyle and dress of people in the 1800s because it gives the
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reader perspective. When reading about an individual of a different time period it is important to understand also what conditions were like at that time. Secondly, I enjoyed the great detail used to depict the life and even the accomplishments made by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Each chapter includes details about what she was experiencing as a little girl and then how her experiences lead to the "Little House on the Prairie" series. It was so wonderful to see the connections made between the life of an individual and how they use that experience to create a work of art. The big picture of this chapter book is to act as a great informational resource for readers to have a better understanding of this amazing individual. Without bibliographies about historical individuals, we would have fewer resources linking us to the past.
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