Fairy Realm #2: The Flower Fairies

by Emily Rodda

Hardcover, 2003



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HarperCollins (2003), Edition: English Language, 116 pages. $8.99.


Jessie returns to the magical world where her grandmother was born, where she deals with some griffins, dances with fairies, and borrows something to help her dance in her school concert.

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116 p.; 5 inches

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LibraryThing member macfly_17
This is an action-packed adventure about Jessie's second trip to Fairie Realm. This time she needs to get the griffins who guard the treasure house back under control, since they recently decided to go crazy.
LibraryThing member funstm
The Fairy Realm series are wholesome lighthearted reads featuring a secret fairy realm found through a doorway at the edge of the garden. There's magic and mythical creatures and miniature horses that talk (because what else would you find in a secret fairy realm? duh.) It's reminiscent of Shirley
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Barber's gorgeous picture books albeit with less impressive artwork (Shirley Barber is incredibly talented). It's a good series for tween girls. I loved this series as a kid, they were imaginative and magical and I loved every minute. I'm pretty sure this series is what started my love of charm bracelets too.

The Flower Fairies
Jessie is excited that her and her mum have finally made the move to live with her grandmother at Blue Moon but starting a new school is daunting and when the teacher asks for volunteers for the play, Jessie thinks it will be a good chance to fit in. Unfortunately volunteering for the part of the butterfly involves a solo dance - and Jessie can't dance. She's not sure what she's going to do but the Realm has problems of it's own and when Maybelle comes to recruit her - Jessie puts the dancing out of her mind and focuses on the more immediate issue. The Realm has too much magic now that Jessica restored the magic and the Griffins have taken into their head to guard everything in the Realm not just the Queen's treasures. I enjoyed Jessie's solution for the Griffins. She moves the Queen's fairy wings into the treasure house and makes the Griffin's feel necessary and vital to the safety of them - meaning they all move back to the treasure house and stop guarding everything else, like Giff's house. That was amusing. That's what I really love about this series how logical and practical it is - even if it is magical. Of course it was highly amusing that the plan backfired on her when she borrowed the fairy wings to take to the school dance and the griffin comes after her - it was definitely the one flaw in her plan. The flower fairies were funny - very mischievous. And I loved that Jessica switched out the fairy wings so it really was Jessie dancing. And I love her new butterfly charm. 5 stars.
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½ (18 ratings; 3.8)
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