Fairy Realm #3: The Third Wish

by Emily Rodda

Hardcover, 2003



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HarperCollins (2003), 113 pages. $8.99.


When her home is threatened by fire, Jessie returns to the magical world of the Realm and visits the mermaids of Under-Sea to search for a wish-stone.

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113 p.; 5 inches

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The Fairy Realm series are wholesome lighthearted reads featuring a secret fairy realm found through a doorway at the edge of the garden. There's magic and mythical creatures and miniature horses that talk (because what else would you find in a secret fairy realm? duh.) It's reminiscent of Shirley
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Barber's gorgeous picture books albeit with less impressive artwork (Shirley Barber is incredibly talented). It's a good series for tween girls. I loved this series as a kid, they were imaginative and magical and I loved every minute. I'm pretty sure this series is what started my love of charm bracelets too.

The Third Wish
This one was interesting, Rosemary (Jessie's mum) tries to protect Jessie from the knowledge that the bushfires are close to Blue Moon. She doesn't lie to her - Jessie is aware of the fires - but she doesn't inform her of the danger either and Jessie doesn't seem to recognise the stress and worry her mother is feeling. I found it an interesting direction to take the story in. I liked that Jessica explained the situation to Jessie and reminded her how brave and resilient she can be when given the chance. I think sometimes we don't give kids enough credit.

Upon realising the danger, Jessie asks her Granny if there's anything they can do - afterall - their garden has a secret garden entrance to a hidden magical realm - surely they can fix things with magic? And so begins a trip to the Under-Sea of the Realm to find a wish-stone. Or a magic fish.

Of course, it doesn't go as planned when Jessie finds that a being named Lorca has taken over the Under-Sea imprisoning fish and one poor mermaid, Coral, ever since Queen Jessica first left the Realm. I enjoyed getting to see other aspects of the Realm. I liked Ripple and the Magic Fish and I liked the moral lessons about the dangers of wishes and the risks the Magic Fish faced that were imparted. And the anagram amused me with Lorca being a very upset Coral making a wish to walk on land. It was obvious, but a nice touch nonetheless. Jessie manages to sort out the Under-Sea, return to Blue Moon and put out the fires and later receives a golden fish for her charm bracelet. Very enjoyable. 5 stars.
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