Stranded at Plimoth Plantation 1626

by Gary Bowen

Other authorsGary Bowen (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1998



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974.4 Bow




HarperTrophy (1998), 82 pages. $12.95 (Nov 2017).


Based on historical accounts and records, recreates the journal of a 13-year-old orphan's experiences in the New England of 1626.


Texas Bluebonnet Award (Nominee — 1997)
ILA Children's and Young Adults' Book Award (Informational Reader Category — 1995)


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82 p.; 11 inches

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LibraryThing member meblack19
This is the story of Christopher Sears, a 13 year old indentured servant who set sail for the New World on the Sparrowhawk from London. Before they reached Jamestown, however, the ship crashed where they thought was New England. Indians find Christopher and the rest of the passengers and crew and
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take them to Plimoth Plantation, where they settle in, live, and work. A year later, a ship comes to take the passengers to Jamestown, but Christopher finds he doesn’t want to leave, but must because he is still indentured to Captain Sibsey.
This book is really a cute story about a boy who is growing up and learning his way in a different world than what he was used to. It gives great detail about the daily life of our early settlers, what they did, how they did it, and why it was important. The author’s research came from clear historical accounts (which are noted in the book), and although it is a fictional diary, there’s a lot of historical base. The illustrations are also beautiful and vivid and are well fitted to the time (1626). This would be a great book to have available when discussing early America. Students can gain great perspective from it in seeing what roles were important for what people.
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LibraryThing member SuPendleton
I didn't realize this book was historical fiction. I thought it was a nonfiction book when I first picked it up. It is separated by diary entries and chronicles the life of a 13 year old orphan who was stranded at Plimouth after a shipwreck. It is an interesting daily account of what life at
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Plimouth would have been like. The author researched all aspects of life in the colony which is apparent after reading the entries- "The Mistress is still not well. The surgeon is treating her humors with syrup of horehound, which he says should relieve the congestion in her lungs." I wish the author had a glossary because students will not be familiar with some of the terms such as "humors." The woodcut illustrations in the book were really pretty but probably appeal to teachers more than to students although it would be a good way to discuss art in the seventeenth century.
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LibraryThing member jbarr5
Stranded at Plimoth Plantation by Gary Bowen
Author has done research and worked at Old Sturbridge Village, a sister village, interesting as I have knitted items for both villages using their wool and patterns of the time.
Have always found new things to see and learn that we can adapt to our living
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1626 Christopher Sears 13 was headed to Jamestown, VA but landed at Plimoth where a family takes him in.
Journal telling of wedding, births, funeral, planting, building houses, etc along with religion. Love hearing how they preserve the foods grown as we've seen it done in Sturbridge.
Loved hearing of the woodcuts and printing processes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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