Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Illustrated Edition)

by J K Rowling

Other authorsOlivia Lomenech Gill (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2017



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Fic Row (Illustrated Edition)





Arthur A. Levine Books (2017), Edition: Reprint, 138 pages. (Nov 2017). $34.99.


Offers alphabetically arranged entries detailing the characteristics of such mythical beasts as hippogriffs, blast-ended skrewts, dragons, and unicorns.


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138 p.; 10 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member JulieQ
Truly fantastic.

A wonderful compendium of the beings & beasts in the world of Harry Potter, and the difference between the two with very informative discriptions on each.
LibraryThing member cyderry
This cute little book relates tales and descriptions of all manner of magical creatures. All the creatures are classified as to their danger level to Wizards and Muggles alike, and where they can be found. It is extremely interesting that there are 10 different breeds of dragons as well as beasts
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such as merpeople, centaurs and unicorns which were given the opportunity to be otherwise classified but preferring their privacy chose to be marked as "beasts".
According to this book, only fairies, leprechauns, and unicorns have r eceived favorable press by Muggles. Last, could it be that Bigfoot is really a Yeti?
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LibraryThing member Redthing
Interesting, but extremely short. Some pictures/drawings would have been awesome!
LibraryThing member MidnightTears
I adore this book! The hand written notes by Harry, Ron, and Hermonie add a wonderfully real element. You truly feel as if you're flipping through one of Harry's school books. I reccomend this book to anyone who had enjoyed the Harry Potter series.
LibraryThing member RogueBelle
A really great bestiary. Entertaining for any HP fan, and extremely useful for those of us who write fics! FB adds even more colour to Rowling's well-crafted world, fleshing out details that are only mentioned in passing in the novels themselves, and adding in all sorts of delightful supplementary
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LibraryThing member MusicMom41
This is the companion volume to [Quidditch Through the Ages] and is another clever and delightful look at the world of Harry Potter. I especially enjoyed the “introductory material” which gave a history of magizoology and how the classifications of “beings” and “beasts” evolved. A young
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person who read this in elementary school might find biology in high school more comprehensible and interesting with this background. Recommended for die-hard Harry Potter Fans
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LibraryThing member gogreen.7G
The book, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is an awesome book. It talks about 75 different creatures that live in the wizarding world from A-Z and where to find them (the title is pretty self explanatory). Along side of the descriptions of the creatures, "Harry Potter" makes some side
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comments about these creatures which are quite funny. :D
I think this book is very interesting because it gives me various creatures I didn't know about that live in the wizarding world which is very interesting. I like the way how they put ratings on how dangerous each creature is using x's. I also think its really funny how "Harry Potter" makes side comments based on his experience about these creatures, which makes it very hysterical as well.
JK Rowling as we all know is an awesome author. The author of 7 best selling books about Harry Potter, from "The Philosopher Stone" to "The Deathly Hallows". She has made quite a journey. And to me, she is one of my favourite authors and she's wowed again with this book.
After reading this book I infer that the theme of this book is creatures of Wizardry hence the title and all the information in the book. It is pretty obvious to tell.
Even though this book is awesome, i do think that reading this book would be much easier to understand if you have read the previous Harry Potter series. It'll be much easier to understand.
My recommendation for this book is GO FOR IT! It's an awesome book and i recommend everyone to read it. Children and adults. Especially hard core Harry Potter fans like me! XD My rating is FOUR STARS!!! It's an awesome book... so what are you waiting for.... go ahead and read it... Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling! :D
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LibraryThing member ClicksClan
Love rereading this, remember when these came out and I felt like I was privy to actual Wizarding secrets.

Cool to think that there were things in this book that hadn't been mentioned in the main book series up until this point.

I like the little comments from Harry, Ron and Hermione. I just wish
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there were more of them!

The footnotes are good too, very tongue in cheek.

I wish these books were longer or that more had been written. I'd love to read Hogwarts: A History.
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LibraryThing member AnnieHidalgo
There was a time when everyone who loved Harry Potter couldn't get enough of Harry Potter books. So we bought things like this, and the quidditch book that is its companion. Unfortunately, I felt that it wasn't clever enough in its own right to hold interest as a readable book - if most of Harry
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and Ron's textbooks were as dry as this one, it's no wonder they were always copying off Hermione. Only the most devoted Potter fan could name most of the animals in here - or, more to the point, name the novel passages where these beasts appeared - a more obvious cross-reference reference value might've made the book come to life. I would love to see more Potter universe books, even now. Just not this one.
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LibraryThing member 391
I thought "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" was a really clever addition to the Harry Potter canon. The notes in the margins are hilarious.
LibraryThing member Aerow
This is one of the companion books for the Harry Potter series. Specifically, it is one of the "school books" for students at Hogwarts. Written for Comic Relief, this book is funny and lighthearted to read though. Nothing too deep here, and nothing absolutely necessary to the series. But, for Harry
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Potter lovers like myself, it cannot go unread. In fact, it is the last companion book for the series, and finishing it was kind of a sad thing for me.

Basically, this book goes through the history of magical beasts, how they've been classified (or have classified themselves), their danger rating, and a brief write-in for each beast (or bug or animal or whatever) describing it. Not all of these were included in the seven Harry Potter books, and not all of them are very unique, but their all fun to read through. It was a perfect "bedside" read.
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LibraryThing member mojacobs
This book and its companion Quidditch through the Ages, were published in aid of Comic Relief - a very nice initiative, I thought. To my surprise, Quidditch through the Ages proved to be the most entertaining one of the two.
LibraryThing member jrlandry1410
A textbook taken from the world of Harry Potter, this book is filled with all the creatures Muggles think mythical, and even some we never dreamed existed. An awesome quick read for children who love the series. It was one of the only times I've been inclined to read a textbook.
LibraryThing member milti
I loved it mostly because of the doodles.
LibraryThing member gabriella_26
Very cool. I think it was very cool and fasanating.
LibraryThing member TrebleClef
I'm not even a fan of Harry Potter, really, but I found this to be amusing and cute (especially with Harry and Ron's notes). Nothing deep or compelling, just something to pick and peruse. Definitely a must-have for the Potter fanatic, which is probably who it was made to exploit anyway.
LibraryThing member lizzybeans11
Recently re-read this book in an attempt to satisfy my constant HP hunger. Helped to an extent as I find it refreshing to read peripheral things about the Wizarding world that does not directly revolve around Harry.

The "handwritten" notes by Harry, Ron and Hermione are cute but almost a little
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childish. I would love to have read even more about each "beast", but Jo has covered the basics nicely.

I sincerely hope she writes more of the school books mentioned in the canon. I would LOVE to be the second person to read "Hogwarts A History" or "A History of Magic".
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LibraryThing member Savvy457
This book was very interesting to me. I really like to read Harry Potter's textbooks, like Quidditch Through the Ages. Inside has an A-Z list of beasts and animals of the wizarding world. Also, it has Harry and Ron's graffiti on some pages. I recommend this book to people who like Harry Potter.
LibraryThing member TheoClarke
Disappointing imaginary bestiary of the world of Harry Potter that added nothing to my understanding of his milieu, raised a few weak smiles, and never rose to the elegant wit of its cover.
LibraryThing member bleached
Just another way to cash in on the Harry Potter phenomena. This book is completely pointless and simply filled with nonsense about mythical creatures some of which were mentioned in the Harry Potter series. Looking back I'm not sure why I ever bought it.
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Absolutely adorable companion piece. The side-notes from Ron and Harry are hilarious.
LibraryThing member Clanky
This book was okay, but really just a means of cashing in on Pottermania. With a little more thought, it could have been more interesting and thorough.
LibraryThing member martensgirl
I found this book to be a nice addition to the series. Unlike the Quidditch book, this work is pure Rowling: witty, fantastic and clever.
LibraryThing member ilya97
Very interesting and addicting if you're very passionate with the Harry Potter saga and wish to indulge yourself more into the magical wizard world and its magical creatures. J.K Rowling has dedicated her imagination with outstanding devotion to all things Potter related. If you want to be more
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involved with the wizard world, this is the book for all you wizards in this muggle world.
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LibraryThing member E.J
Nothing to write home about. I thought Harry's notes in the margins would be funny but there weren't many.

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