Roberto & Me (Baseball Card Adventures)

by Dan Gutman

Paperback, 2010



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PB Gut





HarperCollins (2012), Edition: Reprint, 180 pages. (Feb 2018). $5.99.


Stosh travels back to 1969 to try to prevent the untimely death of Roberto Clemente, a legendary baseball player and humanitarian, but upon his return to the present, he meets his own great-grandson who takes him into the future, and what he finds there is more shocking than anything he has encountered in his travels to the past.


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180 p.; 5.13 inches

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LibraryThing member CarolineBraden
In this book, protagonist Stosh travels back in time to try to warn Roberto Clemente not to board the plane that will end his life. In the course of the book, Stosh also travels into the future and helps one of his teachers in an unexpected way. This book is fast-paced and includes many historical
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facts about baseball and life in the 1960s. The book also includes scanned examples of many historical documents, ranging from 1960s baseball cards to newspaper clippings to photographs of Clemente. The end of the book has historical information about Roberto Clemente, a list of sources consulted for the book, and a description of times at which the book does not accurately portray history. Although the underlying story about saving Clemente’s life is captivating, the author goes off topic at times to discuss how kids can help the environment today in order to create a better tomorrow, which seems quite preachy. Overall, this book is recommended if libraries have funds to spend and/or have other books in the Baseball Card Adventure series. It does present an accurate picture of the 1960s, but its preachiness about environmental issues can be a bit off-putting.
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