The Genius of Leonardo

by Guido Visconti

Other authorsBimba Landmann (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2000



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Barefoot Books (2000), Edition: English Language, 40 pages. Purchased in 2013. $16.99.


A biography of the work, dreams, and wild inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, as seen through the eyes of his mischievous young assistant, Giacomo.


Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Informational Books — 2002)

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40 p.; 12.48 inches

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A fascinating picture-book "biography" of Leonardo da Vinci, as told by his apprentice Giacomo - a ten-year-old "liar, thief and greedy brute, (who) eats as much as two boys and causes as much trouble as four" - The Genius of Leonardo uses quotations from da Vinci's own journals to recreate an
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affectionate portrait of the great master, who, although not always understood by his servant, is admired and respected. da Vinci's many diverse interests, and his philosophical ideas - about the stupidity of war, or the cruelty in keeping birds caged - are captured in the brief narrative, which picks up when he is an older man, working for Count Ludovico of Milan, and concludes with his journey to France, where he was employed in the court of Francis I.

I enjoyed the narrative here, and appreciated the illustrated "lists," at front and back, of da Vinci's various activities, and many brilliant ideas and inventions. Bimba Lindmann's artwork - which can also be found in titles such as Clare and Francis (also by Guido Visconti) and A Boy Named Giotto - seems oddly ill-suited to a Renaissance story at fist glance, but will eventually win the reader over. The reviewer who mentioned that the style is more Byzantine here, than anything else, has a point, but the overall effect was actually very appealing. In any case, as the friend who recommended this one has pointed out, there are plenty of other children's books about da Vinci, for those who find this one less than compelling. For the rest of us, there is the pleasure of a well-told story and some gorgeous artwork!
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LibraryThing member lissabeth21
What a beautiful introduction to Leonardo da Vinci! The illustrations glimmer and bring to life the brilliance of this great man through the eyes of his 10-year-old servant. We will be reading this again and again!




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