A Guide to Child Health

by Wolfgang Goebel

Other authorsP. Lawson (Translator)
Hardcover, 1990



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EC health & nutrition (copy 4)


Floris Books (1990), 416 pages


This acclaimed guide to children's physical, psychological and spiritual development is now available in a revised edition. Combining medical advice with issues of upbringing and education, this is a definitive guide for parents.This book outlines the connection between education and healing, with all that this implies for the upbringing and good health of children. Medical, educational and religious questions often overlap, and in the search for the meaning of illness it is necessary to study the child as a whole -- as body, soul and spirit.The authors based their theory and practice on 17 years' experience in the children's out-patient department of the Herdecke Hospital in Germany, which is run along anthroposophical lines.The first section covers childhood ailments and home-nursing. The second part looks at the healthy development of the child and how to create the best conditions for it. The authors go on to examine issues of upbringing and education, and their consequences for later life. Throughout, the book is extremely practical, with example situations of conflict and crisis presented, along with possible solutions. This new edition also includes medical and health practices in North America, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.… (more)


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416 p.; 9.1 inches


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