Start Now!: A Book of Soul and Spiritual Exercises

by Rudolf Steiner

Paperback, 2002




SteinerBooks (2002), Edition: 2014 5th Printing, 272 pages


Meditation instructions, meditations, exercises, verses for living a spiritual year, prayers for the dead, and other practices for both beginning and experienced practitioners--Start Now has become the classic, indispensable text and reference for all those who are serious about the practice of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science.Start Now is an inspiring guide to the practical aspects of Anthroposophy. It offers the most extensive collection available of Steiner's spiritual instructions and practices, including meditation instructions; mantric verses; daily, weekly, and monthly practices for developing one's soul qualities; karmic exercises and meditations for working with the dead, with the angelic hierarchies, and with our guardian angels.CONTENTS: Introduction by Christopher Bamford (background and context) Prologue - Framing the Work (including Steiner's early "Credo") Meditation Instructions and Explanations The Way of Thinking The Way of Reverence & Its Fruits Developing the Chakras, or "Lotus Flowers" Six Essential Exercises The Backward Review, or "Retrospect" Living the Year Spiritually (including the complete "Calendar of the Soul") Meditations from the Esoteric School The Rosicrucian Path The Christian-Gnostic Path Working with the Dead The Foundation Stone Meditation Meeting the Guardians Bibliography & Further Reading Start Now may be the most unique and comprehensive spiritual guidebook available and will prove a lifelong friend and help along the way. No one who is serious about spiritual practice--whether a beginner or an advanced student--should be without this book… (more)


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