Ten Timid Ghosts (Read With Me Paperbacks)

by Jennifer O'Connell

Other authorsJennifer O'Connell (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2000



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R O'Co




Cartwheel (2000), 32 pages, (March 2018), $3.99


A witch tries to scare ten ghosts out of the haunted house where they live, but in the end, they play a trick on her.


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32 p.; 7.75 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
This is a simple countdown book with rhymes. A witch scares away ten ghosts one by one until one gets smart, and tells the others what she's been up to. Then they all scare her away.
LibraryThing member Lthatfield
Around Halloween time, a witch decides to move into a house that already has ten ghosts living inside. She decides she is going to scare them off one at a time. She succeeds in scaring them all off. In the woods, all ten ghosts decided they are going to scare the witch off. So they make a plan, and
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their plan succeeds! The witch was scared and ran out of the house! This is a great book for children who are learning to count. The book counts backwards as each ghost is scared off.
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LibraryThing member givingtree1
Cute story for fall, Halloween or general counting reinforcement.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
"Ten timid ghosts in a haunted house ~ a witch moved in and wanted them out," begins this rhyming romp of a tale, which follows a clever, and not-very-nice witch, as she uses one wily stratagem after another, to evict the current ghostly residents of the house she desires. Fortunately, the tenth
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and final ghost to be scared out of the house, and into the nearby woods, is nobody's fool, and convinces her companions to turn the tables on the witch, and reclaim their home...

With a rollicking rhythm just made for reading aloud, a count-down narrative, from one to ten, that makes use of a repetitive structure that younger children will enjoy, and cute illustrations that are jam-packed with little details that reveal the witch's scheming, Ten Timid Ghosts is an immensely fun little book. Just a little bit spooky - but not too frightening - it would make an entertaining Halloween book (despite the holiday never being mentioned) for the younger set!
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½ (27 ratings; 3.7)
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