Firestar's Quest (Warriors Super Edition)

by Erin Hunter

Paperback, 2008



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HarperCollins (2008), Edition: Reprint, 544 pages


Firestar, leader of the Thunder Clan, sets off on a harrowing journey to find a long-lost clan of cats that had been forced to leave the forest many moons ago.


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544 p.; 5.13 inches

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LibraryThing member george.d.ross
By far my favorite of the kitty books! Most of them bother me because of the cliff-hangers -- I understand that you want me to buy the next book, but I really appreciate some sense of resolution to a story in which I've gotten invested. And I also find most of the series too dark and upsetting --
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not for kids, but for me. There's so much emphasis on fighting and death and starvation and destruction of the environment... it can be demoralizing. But Firestar's Quest had a much more cohesive plotline than the others, which (mercifully) focused on a pretty upbeat story which came to a satisfying conclusion! Yay kitties.
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LibraryThing member kejinglu
Firestar and Sandstorm, Firestar's mate, head on to a terrible journey across the Twoleg houses to unite the Skyclan, a clan that was long ago banished. It all started where Firestar was commanded by Starclan to unite the scattered Skyclan cats. Sandstorm went alon too.

The two cats faced many
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horrible encounters, but managed to squeeze past them, and getting over it. When they finally had reached the place where the Skyclan cats used live, the two started getting started.

They invited a lot of cats to join the Skyclan, and identified them by their strong hind legs, and thick padded paws. They were helped by theses two kittypets, and they invited their friends.

Firestar and Sandstorm finally made a clan with a medicine cat, but no leader, but the not-yet-in-form Skyclan was still a little fresh with their studies of fighting when they encountered a huge problem; rats were attcking!!! These were the rats that had succeeded to raid, and tear apart the original Skyclan.

Sandstorm continued her skills in teaching, but more intensely than regular. Skyclan grew, and grew, and finally managed to get over the attack from the rats. Then, Firestar headed to home, with his mate closely by his side!
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LibraryThing member MrsSClass
Firestars Quest is exciting. I would recomend it to cat lovers and before you think that you wouldn't read this book because of the fact that there are cats and cats don't really make exciting book. (this comment is for you boys) there is acually alot of blood and gore and death but mostly it is
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about loyalty and friendship and special bonds. :)
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LibraryThing member AnFa0822
I accidentally read this book after I finished Power of Three, so I was a bit confused when I had first read this. But after I read the first few books over again, and then on to this, I was able to understand it. I loved the epic battle, the confusion of love, the dramatic climax, the death and
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grief, and the huge twists in the story. All of it coming together makes it one of the best golden-cover books ever.
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LibraryThing member spottedclaw
It was the best book I ever read
LibraryThing member broccolima
An enjoyable side novel set in between the first and second Warrior series.

The writing isn't that strong in the beginning and gets more tedious toward the middle, but then it picks up again and becomes very interesting and exciting.
LibraryThing member AislinnH.B1
Firestar, now leader of ThunderClan, must head out on a quest. StarClan has spoken to him. He must go and remake the long lost clan, SkyClan. Joined by his mate Sandstorm, Firestar leaves his clan to find and re-build SkyClan. He faces many challenges to do it. Will he suceed? Or die trying.

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was an awesome book. I finally know why Sandstorm and Firestar named their kit Squirrelkit and Leafkit. Leafkit for a cat they met on their journey. And Squirrelkit for her bushy, squirrel-like tail. I loved how Erin Hunter wrote this book. It was a very good read.
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LibraryThing member sublunarie
I haven't read a Warriors book for over 10 years, but my heart still belongs to Firestar.

My favorite bit of this book was how recruiting for a "new" clan sure came across an AWFUL lot like recruiting for a cult.
LibraryThing member ThisTornImage
Firestar begins being haunted in his dreams by a long lost Clan, SkyClan, that he’s never heard of before now. After having these dreams many times he finally finds where he needs to go in order to learn what they mean, but what he finds is that he needs to go on a long, possibly perilous journey
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to find the remnants of SkyClan.

What I Liked

It was nice to see that once again, StarClan isn’t all-powerful and can’t always force things to happen, plus it shows in this book that they can make mistakes or keep dark secrets just like any living cat. It was also nice to see Smudge be useful to the plot, if only for a short time. I didn’t really get very invested in this book until the mid-way point though, at which point I started actually wanting to read it.

What I Didn’t Like

It took nearly one-fifth of the book (chapter 8) for Firestar to finally meet SkyClan’s leader. It felt like it took absolutely forever for it to move forward. Hattie was also introduced close to this time and she felt sort of pointless, though I guess it would make sense for Firestar’s former owners to get another cat after he ran away. She simply didn’t add much, if anything, to the plot.
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