Warriors: The New Prophecy: Moonrise: Book 2

by Erin Hunter

Other authorsDave Stevenson (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2006



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PB Hun




HarperCollins (2006), Edition: Reprint, 320 pages, $6.99, May 2018


As they journey home to warn their clans of the coming destruction, the six cats, guided by StarClan's prophecy, meet an unfamilar tribe of cats with their own set of beliefs--and their own mysterious prophecy.


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320 p.; 5.13 inches

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LibraryThing member allisonmc
this book is so good you will want to read on!
LibraryThing member mr17
very good book if your like cats, and like adventure.
LibraryThing member kejinglu
This book is about the four chosen cats and two other cats saving their clans. The book leaves off at the place where Tawnypelt finally gets healed of her bite from the rat raid that they encountered in the first book of the New Prophecy.

The cats are named Tawntpelt, a warrior in Shadowclan,
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Feathertail and Stormfur (both warriors) from Riverclan, Ravenpaw, an apprentience from Windclan, and finally Brambleclaw, a warrior, and Squirrelpaw, an apprentience, from Thunderclan.

The cats head on to their journey to find the place where the four clans would have to move to. Their journy is perilous, but they mange to the end, where they are held "prisoners" to a tribe. The tribe leader says the prophecy that Stormfur would save their clan from a menacing warrior, Sharptooth.

The six cats excape their place of captivity, but then later return, thinking of the horrible things that might happen to the tribe.

After many tries, the cats win their way to victory, Sharptooth has fallen over a ledge!! Even after the cheers that Sharptooth was dead, the chosen cats and their companions were sad: Feathertail had died with Sharptooth when they fell.

Feathertail told them to carry on, and then died at the spot. Ravenpaw grieved, for he liked her very much. Everybody was sad, but at least Feathertail was happy to hunt among the stars with Starclan.
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LibraryThing member krau0098
This is the second book in the second Warriors series called The New Prophecy. There are 6 books total in the series. This book followed the style of the first book but wasn't as good. Not as much happened; the plot line seemed a bit stuck.

This book begins right where the last book left off.
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Brambleclaw and crew are trying to make their way home from the ocean. Leafpaw and the Thunderclaw are trying to figure out why the Twolegs have started destroying their forest. That is basically the whole story right there.

The book was well-written and engaging. In fact so far these books have written in a very precise way. They alternate between two viewpoints and when they leave a viewpoint they leave it hanging at a critical point. This style does propel the reader through the book effectively; although it makes it hard to put the books down.

I was disappointed that the story didn't make more progress. This book was basically a slow and torturous story about how bad things are getting for the Clans. I found it a depressing read; but tried to remember that a lot of series need to hit their low point in the middle.

The most irritating thing was that the book ended with nothing resolved; not even minor story points. Personally I find this irritating. I kind of feel like some parts of the story should progress and be resolved in a book, even if the main story isn't. Anyway that's my biggest beef with this book. It ends mid-everything. I suppose this will make the reader run out and buy the next book to find out what happens (regardless of whether or not they actually thought it was well-written). Personally if I didn't already have the next book and had to wait a year for the next book to come out I would probably have stopped reading this series out of sheer irritation.

It is a good series though. And since I have the next book I can continue the story. So far I feel like this should have been one book and not 6. I suppose if all of these story-parts were put in one volume the sheer size of it would intimidate the bravest of souls. If you've read the first book chances are you will read this one just cause you don't want to die of suspense and you will also read the next book and the next one...
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LibraryThing member jians
With the shocking news Midnight gave, the six cats, Feathertail, Stormfur, Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, and Tawnypelt and Crowpaw are more determined than ever to reach their home. But on their way a Tribe stop them and say a silver cat will kill Sharptooth a lion. The six cats do their best, but
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loose Feathertail. Their home the clans, will not leave they said and they think, Had Feathertail died for nothing?
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LibraryThing member billybobjoeysileo
the four cats from book 1 are back with bad news and the clans must leave their homes and find a new one in a place far far away from their original homes
LibraryThing member NiSm0430
5 Stars! It was a great book, like almost every single other book in this series.
LibraryThing member kenzie12368
I think Moonrise was.... AWESOME!!!!!! There was something waiting for Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, Stormfur, Feathertail, Crowpaw, and Tawnypelt
at every chapter, until the tragic ending. Starclan will honor you, Feathertail!
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Such a beautiful, imaginative series. I choose to believe this is what happened to my Taz after she went missing. I can easily picture her being Shadow Clan.
LibraryThing member JuliaW.G3
After listening to Midnight, the six cats set off to get back to the clans as fast as possible. But on the way through the mountains they get caught by a group of cats that live in the mountains. They brought them to their home, where they soon learned that these cats are called The Tribe of
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Rushing Water. The leader, The Teller of The Pointed Stones, told the clan cats about thethreat, a Sharptooth (mountain lion) is killing them off one by one, but what he didn't tell them is about the tribes OWN prochecy, the silver one will kill the Sharptooth and save us all. But soon Brambleclaw realized that they were eeping them here as prisoners, not guests, so they escaped. They found a cave that what they thought to be loners, but they were really two tribe cats that were sent out and not to return until they kille the Sharptooth, sadly they failed and never came back. The tribe cats told them about their story and Brambleclaw, Crowpaw, Feathertail, and Twanypelt all decided to go back. Meanwhile at the forest, the clans struggle to find food and water while avoidng the twolegs, only did Leafpaw, Brightheart, and Mistyfoot were captured! They had to find a way out or else they would be sent to the twolegs place. Back at The Tribe of the Rushing Water's cave, they hatched a plan, it was to lure the Sharptooth into the cave, when it got there the only thing that would be there was a rabbit that was stuffed with poisonious herbs. Only that didn't work and the Sharptooth now new where the cats lived and would be able to come back when it please. The tribe leader told them about his prophecy and said only Crowpaw could kill the beast. He tried but was soon cornered, when the Sharpthooth was about to strike, Feathertail jumped and hit a sharp rock that hung above the Sharptooth, it fell killing the beast, saving Crowpaw! but sadly Feathertail died, saving her love and the tribe. she was buried with the tribe cats and would be honored for generations to come. Crowpaw and Stormfur had a hard time going back... especilly Stormfur, he lost his beloved sister and is secret love, Brook Where Small Fish Swim.

I loved this one because it had a lt more action, love, secrets, and it was sad. This one was also good because of The Tribe of the Rushing Water. They have such unique names and traditions. The clans learned so much from them and the tribe WILL learn much from them, I'm actully glad that Erin Hunter made them.
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LibraryThing member Sheila1957
The cats now have to return home to tell the message they must bring to the Clans. As they journey home, they meet a Tribe where they learn more hunting techniques and the importance of working together. Meanwhile, the Clans have to deal with the Twolegs destroying more of their territories.

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enjoyed this book. I liked the interactions between the travelers and the Tribe and how they learned new things and realized that there is more than just them in the world. There was the edge of the seat thrills and action. I still have questions about a whole lot of things especially Leafpaw and her promise. I look forward to reading the next book.
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LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books.
LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books.




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