Warriors: The New Prophecy: Dawn: Book 3

by Erin Hunter

Other authorsDave Stevenson (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2006



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PB Hun




HarperCollins (2006), Edition: Reprint, 368 pages, $6.99, (May 2018)


The questing cats return to a forest devastated by the Twolegs, where they must find a way to convince their Clans to leave in search of a new home, even though they have no idea where they are going.


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368 p.; 5.13 inches

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LibraryThing member sokkr
The change of life is one hard overcome. But working together always lets you prevail. These cats proved that true in this amazing novel by Erin Hunter.
LibraryThing member kejinglu
This book describes how the journying cats finally comes home. All of their clan members don't even recognize them!!

Then, they finally agree to move to the sun-drowned-place. But when they do not know, and they still manage to survive for at least 2 seasons.

Finally, the twoleg's monster finally
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crushes, and what to destroy but the Shadowclan's camp!!

They inervene with many troubles before finally getting out of their ancient homes, and move on to the sun-drown-place.

But none of them know the horrers of what is coming to meet them!!!
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LibraryThing member krau0098
The third book in the Warriors: The New Prophecy by Erin Hunter. This was a pretty good book. It takes up right where the last book left off with Brambleclaw and company returning from their quest to the sun-down place.

When Brambleclaw and others return they find the Thunder Clan camp abandoned. It
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seems the Two-legs have gotten more aggressive and are destroying the entire forest. Will the Clans be able to stop the Two-legs destruction? Will Midnight's prophecy come true and the Clans forced to leave their forest? All this and more is answered in this book.

I like this book better than the previous one. More progress was made on the storyline and the main story wrapped up pretty nicely. It is a pretty depressing read as more and more cats are captured, killed, or starved to death. Sometimes I really wished the book would just let up a little and let something good happen.

I have a couple minor complaints about the book. The first is that so much time was spent deciding whether or not to leave the forest despite the prophecy that Brambleclaw and crew brought back. It would have been nicer to have the Clans spend more time journeying. My second complaint is that with all the cats from all 4 Clans involved in the story the amount of names thrown at you is immense. I got to the point where I recognized the important names and just ignored all the other billion cat names that are bandied about. I still don't understand the necessity of naming all of these individual clan members when they don't have a part to play in the story.

On a positive note the plot makes progress and not all is lost. It was fun to return to the mysterious Tribe of cats in the mountains. There are a number of interesting characters in this book and you really feel for the Clans. The book propels you forward and is hard to put down. All in all a good book. So far I haven't been absolutely in love with this series but I enjoy it. The books are quick read and I like reading about the struggles of the Clans. From how this book ends it looks like another major story arc is going to start in the next book.

I will definitely read the rest of the books in this series; although I don't think I will go back to read the original Warriors series. These books are good but I don't look forward to reading them as much as I would like to.
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LibraryThing member billybobjoeysileo
the four cats in book 1 are back with bad news and the clans must move to a place far far away from their original homes
LibraryThing member jians
The disaster of Twolegs is starting to slowly pulls the life of every cat...
Thunderclan is suffering from the death of kits and waiting for the answer from Shadowclan and Riverclan, Windclan is eager to start the journey not because of excitement, because of hunger. Shadowclan wants to live where
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Scourge once lived, the perfect river for Riverclan is changing the course is making all the fish leave. Can the clans get together and find their home?
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LibraryThing member KendallR
as Squirrelpaw as main character, the destruction begins. four trees has been destroyed, and some of windclan's and shadowclan's property, too. will they ever find a new home???
LibraryThing member kenzie12368
I loved Dawn's happy ending when the cats from all clans finally reached a new home. There was some tragic fates, but the book still turned out good in the end.
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Such a beautiful, imaginative series. I choose to believe this is what happened to my Taz after she went missing. I can easily picture her being Shadow Clan.
LibraryThing member JuliaW.G3
Book three was about when Crowpaw, Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Stormfur, and Twanypelt journed home. At the clans Firstar and his rescue patrol went to find the missing cats. But when they got there the cages were already being loaded! Firestar said for 3 cats to go adn distract the twoleg, while the
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rest of the patrol go and free the other cats. Graystripe freed 5 cats, including Brightheart. But right after she got out the twoleg was about to close the doors he pushed out Brightheart but was sadly stuck inside! When the prochecy cats got home they seen how destroyed it was and found all four clans on the island in RiverClan territory.

I loved this one because every cat was on the brink of losing it. And becasuse the jouney back was a whole more interesting. This one was also good because now there wouldn't be any more secrets and secretive cats, beause all of them were living together for now atleast. the forest is going to be distroyed and some cats are arguing about weather they should leave their origional home and move or stay and fight! i cna't wait to read book four. And you should read it too.
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LibraryThing member Sheila1957
Twolegs have been destroying the Clans' homes and they must leave. Following the five young cats who have returned with Midnight's message they leave and head towards the mountains to find a new home.

There is a lot of action and adventure as the Clans unite to fight the Twolegs and to save some of
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the Clans. There is the infighting as the Clans must decide to leave or stay. Firestar will not leave without all the Clans going together. Pride gets in some of the Clans' way. I shed many a tear as the Twolegs are capturing the cats; we are losing some of the older and younger ones; and as we remember those who have gone to the StarClan. Cloudpaw's warrior ceremony wiped me out.

I cannot wait to see what happens in their travels.
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LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books.
LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books.




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