Once Upon a Marigold

by Jean Ferris

Paperback, 2004



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PB Fer




Harcourt Paperbacks (2004), 288 pages


A young man with a mysterious past and a penchant for inventing things leaves the troll who raised him, meets an unhappy princess he has loved from afar, and discovers a plot against her and her father.


Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Award (First runner-up — 2006)
Young Hoosier Book Award (Nominee — Middle Grade — 2006)
Great Stone Face Book Award (Nominee — 2004)
Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Young Adult — 2004)
Nutmeg Book Award (Nominee — Intermediate — 2006)
Iowa Teen Award (Nominee — 2007)
Nēnē Award (Nominee — 2004)
Grand Canyon Reader Award (Nominee — Teen — 2007)
Colorado Blue Spruce Award (Nominee — 2004)
Black-Eyed Susan Book Award (Nominee — 2005)
Maud Hart Lovelace Award (Nominee — 2006)
Rhode Island Teen Book Award (Nominee — 2004)
South Carolina Book Awards (Nominee — 2005)
Best Fiction for Young Adults (Selection — 2003)


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288 p.; 5 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member vivthebookfan
This is a GREAT book for people of all ages who like commedy and don't mind a bit of romance. I couldn't put this book down once i started it. Everyone will fall for the wonderful suspense and intreting story.
LibraryThing member Vampirate_queen
A hilarious book about a prince who lives with a troll. He sees a princess named Marigold, and falls in love with her.

My favorite things about this book were the way it was written, and the phrases that the characters use. For instance:
"I can see I'm beating my head against a dead horse."
"Kill one
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bird with two stones."

I strongly recommend this to elementary school age kids, but it's a great story for people over that as well.
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LibraryThing member SarahMariRose
A quirky twist-tale Once Upon A Marigold follows the story of Christian, who runs away as a child and threatens a troll, Edric, into taking him in. What ensues is a different sort of fairytale where Edric attempts to be the best foster-father he can be, misquoting sayings and using rule books he
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finds in the forest, while involving Christian in his attempt to overthrow the Tooth Fairy’s monopoly on the tooth industry. The story picks up as Christian become a young man a falls in love with the youngest princess from across the river, Marigold. Marigold has been gifted, or cursed, with the ability to hear thoughts and her mother’s thoughts are not the most pleasant in the land. This light-hearted spoof of fairytale land with contemporary twists is bound to delight readers. Highly recommended to lovers of fantasy, comedy, twist-tales, and love stories.
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LibraryThing member Runa
Fantastic book! I read it back in middle school the first time, and just reread it now. Still as enchanting as always. The characters are great, you can't help falling in love with Christian and Marigold's lives. This is basically a fairy tale for people who might not be the biggest fans of fairy
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tales. It's cute, it's refreshing, it's got the obligatory happily-ever-after ending that sweetens any day. You'll be sitting there, rooting your heart out for Christian and Marigold while at the same time, wishing Olympia would get stung to death by giant killer bees. Read it! It's the most amazing fractured fairy tale ever!
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LibraryThing member supermanlver
This book is very romantic and cute. I highly recommend it. It is easy to read, but it doesn't get boring.
LibraryThing member lina_em
i swear, this was such a great children's book. worth reading over and over.
LibraryThing member thc_luver6
A great story of romance! For all you in long distance realtionships this book will give you some hope. I liked it a lot.
LibraryThing member mmallory
This book was recommended as a "must read' by my middle school reading break students.
LibraryThing member knielsen83
An interesting twist to a fairy tale, with an evil stepmother, some uninterested but decent stepsisters, and a princess who has a special gift that everyone avoids. Christian is a boy who ran away from home and refused to go back, from then on living with a troll in a cave with him and two dogs.
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Spying on the royal family with a telescope that he created, Christian finds himself longing to contact the estranged princess and using p-mail (pigeon mail) one gutsy day to do just that. This leads him to want to become closer to her and does just that, starting some adventures of the pair.
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LibraryThing member michelle.smith
What a fantastic book. I usually don't read fantasy books, but I truly enjoyed reading this story about Christian and Marigold. He is her knight in shinning armour to rescue her from her evil mother, the queen. This has humans, trolls, faries, and the tooth fary. There were time I was laughing and
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others when I was feel sorry for Marigold.
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LibraryThing member miksmom
In this humorous fairy tale, true love wins out, in the end. The dog-loving, bookworm of a princess, who always had a mind of her own, is finally appreciated for her true (inner) beauty. The benevolent ruler outsmarts the evil queen. The princely pauper and his guardian troll are exhalted. Happy
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endings all around! The character of Edric the troll is essential. His expressions are hilarious, and his relationship with Christian is touching - as is Christian's awkwardness around Princess Marigold (He was, after all, raised in a cave!). A delightful, if somewhat predictable story (but aren't most fairy tales?)
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Christian has been mailing Princess Marigold by pigeon, and he finally decides it's time to leave the troll he adopted as his foster dad and make a try for a new life at the castle. Marigold is engaged to an awful suitor, her mother is determined to force the wedding, kill her and the king, and
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take over the kingdom. Christian has to stop them somehow, but he and Marigold both end up in the dungeon. It takes everyone together to come up with a plan to outwit the queen.
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LibraryThing member pearsmoothie
this book is REALLY good so far!I haven't finished it yet, but pretty close and can't wait to see how it ends!!!When I finish it I'll let you all know how it was!!!!
LibraryThing member maiapie
I LOVE Once Upon A Marigold!!!!!!!And i'm a HUGE fan of fantasy and magic and all that good stuff!!!once upon a marigold would have to be one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!
LibraryThing member CatheOlson
At six years old, Christian runs away from home and moves in with a troll. As he grows up, he finds himself obsessed by the odd princess across the river and at 17, he is determined to befriend her. This was a sweet and funny book novel--good for 6th - 8th graders.
LibraryThing member edspicer
It's a perfect fairytale, and has everything in it.
4Q, 4P; Cover Art: Awesome!
This book is suited for all ages.
It was selected due to the description of the book and how it includes comedy, romance, and relatable reality.
Grade (of reviewer): 9th
LibraryThing member libby.gorman
I don't think this is a great book, but I loved it, especially "P-mail" (pigeon mail) and the wackier elements.
LibraryThing member akingzett16
Cute story, but it goes right to the point. Like a kiddy story. :/
LibraryThing member bell7
Christian ran away from home when he was six. Living with his foster father in the forest for eleven years, Chris doesn't regret it for a minute - he has a happy (if isolated) life with his two dogs and distantly watches Princess Marigold through a telescope from outside his house. But now it's
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time for him to leave the life he's known and seek his fortune.

Though I enjoyed several aspects of this story, Once Upon a Marigold was clearly written for readers younger than me. The seventeen-year-old protagonists often seemed a bit young in their thoughts and actions and the narrator had a habit of making pronouncements in a way that irritated me. The direction of the plot was clear early on, though it was entertaining to see how it all came together. Edric the troll was a great character, and I enjoyed his merged sayings that seem to almost make sense. A quick, fun read that I would've enjoyed more fifteen years ago.
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LibraryThing member reader1009
children's fiction (princesses, fairytales, kid-friendly romance). Cute, especially the correspondence by p-mail (pigeon mail, an oddly similar precursor to modern day tweets, given the limited number of words that will fit in the pigeon's message tube), though the sensible part of me keeps
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screaming for the King or someone to lock up the apparently evil queen in the dungeon (or at least to exile her), but no one ever does. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the Queen comes back for the sequel (and possibly the third book as well; I'm not sure on that one).
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LibraryThing member Maiasaura
A sweet, charming book that manages to both turn fairy tales on their heads and celebrate them at the same time. Full of fun, quirky, decent characters, this book has something for everyone--gentle romance, humor, adventure. It's very similar to The Princess Bride, but it's also very much it's own
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book. A very sweet, goofy book that you really can't help but love.
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LibraryThing member Karra.MCDS
Once upon a Marigold is about a young boy Who is adopted by a troll and falls in love with the young princess named Marigold. He starts let sending letters to her and she writes back! Ed, The troll that is watching Christan sees that Cristan might have some affection for the princess. Soon he
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forgets about it and then has to come to a decision if he can care for Christan anymore. Ed talks to Christan and Christan makes a decision that will last him for life. I enjoyed this book because it isn't like those old fairy tales about romance. There are a lot of problems in this book and it is hard to put down. I hope you will enjoy this book just like me ,if you read it!
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LibraryThing member ewyatt
A cute story about a boy, Chris, raised by a troll. Chris becomes a penpal by pmail (pigeon mail) with Princess Marigold. Chris goes to work at the castle just as the nasty queen is trying to arrange Marigold's wedding. Of course all works out well in the end with Christian discovering he is the
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long-lost son of the king.
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LibraryThing member Rosa.Mill
I loved this book, it was definitely a great fairy tale. Like most fairy tales a little predictable (who didn't know Christian was going to be a prince.) Although I was surprised to find out that Marigold and her sister's were not really Olympia's daughters. (Although that did make her fit into the
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step mother role)
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LibraryThing member District13
I LOVE this book! It has to be one of the best books I have ever read. The story is original and full of humor and quirks. The characters are believable and are easy to relate to. The story is fast paced and full of adventure. Plus it does a really good job of showing how everyone at some point
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struggles to find out who they really are and what they want out of life no matter of where in society they come from. It is not the normal rags to riches fairy tale and for that I like it even more.
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