The Reality Bug (Pendragon Book 4)

by D. J. MacHale

Ebook, 2009



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PB Mac




Aladdin (2009), 394 pages, $6.99


In his ongoing battle to save Earth and its parallel worlds from the demon Saint Dane, fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon travels to Veelox, a world whose inhabitants have abandoned their real lives in favor of virtual reality.


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LibraryThing member hoosgracie
Bobby travels to Veelox, a world where everyone has "escaped" to virtual reality. Unfortunately, the world is failing due to neglect. Good morality play on responsibility.
LibraryThing member savageknight
Another fantastic adventure in this still-inspired series. This time around, we learn about what happens when people decide to fully give in to their fantasies - fully rejecting "real" life! A territory on the absolute verge of collapse... and Saint Dane's victory! Lots of stuff going on, including
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a lot of growth for the characters left on 'earth', brings many, many changes to the world of "Travelers" and their quest to stop Halla from being destroyed.

Wonderfully creative and a pleasure to lose yourself in!
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LibraryThing member wuba
this is a extremily good book for people with food vocab.
LibraryThing member RefPenny
Another world and another adventure for Bobby Pendragon. This time he is on Veelox, a technologically advanced world where everyone spends all their time in a perfect, virtual reality world. He teams up with Aja, another traveller to try and get everyone to realise what is happening. This is
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another fast-paced adventure but a bit darker than the previous books - Saint Dane's power seems to be growing.
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LibraryThing member JoQu05
Awesome book. This time Bobby had to fight the "monster" inside the lifelight things.
LibraryThing member BrynDahlquis
This was a bit of a letdown. This one promised to be more scifi and futuristic and looked really cool, buuut I think I may have expected too much.

Bobby Pendragon travels to the territory of Veelox, where most of the inhabitants are in a fantasy world called Lifelight. Plug yourself in and you can
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live the perfect, but fake, life.

I think I was expecting it to be more scientific, which isn't Pendragon's style. This isn't a hardcore scifi series, it's scifi/fantasy/adventure/whatever, so the technobabble is limited. I tried to console myself with that, but the more involved they all got in the world of Lifelight, the harder it was to be okay with the situation. I feel like D.J. MacHale could've pulled it off, but the whole Reality Bug becoming corporeal and breaking out of Lifelight just...didn't work.

I'm hoping that the next Pendragon book won't tackle scifi, since that seems to be a sore spot for me. It's my favorite, and when it's not just right I'm left with an unsatisfied feeling.
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