Titanic (Eyewitness Books)

by Simon Adams

Hardcover, 2014



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910.4 Ada




DK Children (2014), Edition: Reprint, 72 pages


Detailed descriptions of the Titanic, including its accommodations, and a retelling of its sinking in the North Atlantic in April, 1912.


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Original publication date

xxxx (1e édition originale anglaise, Eyewitness Books, DK publishing)
1999-11 (1e traduction et édition français, Les yeux de la découverte, Gallimard jeunesse)
2014-09-25 (Nouvelle édition française reformatée, Les yeux de la découverte, N° 14, Série Histoire et civilisations, Gallimard jeunesse)
2023-02-02 (Nouvelle édition française reformatée, Les yeux de la découverte, N° 14, Série Histoire et civilisations, Gallimard jeunesse)

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72 p.; 9 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member mlgonzales
The book is quite straight forward about the events from the beginning of Titanic's birth through a simple blue-print to the reality that leads up to the story of Titanic's tragic unforgetable maiden voyage at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. The images of such a tragedy gives readers the
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universal curiosity. Eyewitness Titanic tells the story behind the story. The story comes alive through 3-D renderings, photographs, and deck plans. Eyewitness Titanic is a narrative of courage and cowardice, sacrifice and survival. The readers can see the wreck on the ocean floor, the Titanic's gigantic propeller, and the ship's luxurious interior. Also learn how the survivors were rescued from the icy waters and how the shipwreck was located. The curious reader can discover what caused the "unsinkable" Titanic to sink, the preservation techniques of underwater archaeology, and much, much more.
As a ocean lover, Titanic has always amazed me since the age of 12. I would read just about anything about the ea, oceans, and the many tragedies that were caused at sea, but the most vivid one that stys with me to this day was always Titanic. Just knowing and being able to understand the ignorance of that time places a knot in my throat.
In the classroom, I would use this book to show the many enormous industrial creations that were created and failed within the past. I would allow children to try to design their own boats, ships or canoes. Something that they would see as safe for all. How would they chose to categorized people. Also, I would use this book as a Historical example of how people were categorized and why some were allowed to leave the boat and why some were not allowed. I would allow children to fill a boat with their imagination.
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LibraryThing member klmontgomery
This book is full of great pictures to show to children interested in learning more about the Titantic. It is full of interesting facts all about the ship. It could easily be used in a Social Studies classroom.
LibraryThing member Maydacat
Though marketed as a book for children, anyone who is fascinated by tragic circumstances of the Titanic will enjoy this book. Lavishly illustrated and containing many facts, its format is well structured and organized. It begins with the history of the great ship: the people involved with her
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creation from the conception to the building to the launching. It tells of the lavish furnishings in first class as well as the accommodations in second and third class. It illustrates with graphs the passengers who traveled and how many survived. It has photos of the crew and of some of the passengers. It talks about the collision and the aftermath, including her discovery on the ocean floor decades after she sank. It explains some the nautical terms used, especially helpful for younger readers. Even those well-versed in Titanic lore are likely to learn something new from this astonishing account of the ship and her sinking.
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