Marlfox (Redwall)

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 1998



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PB Jac




Philomel (1998), 400 pages


When three young residents of Redwall Abbey go on a quest to recover a tapestry stolen by the Marlfoxes, their bravery removes the curse of these evil animals on a lost island.


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1998 (original)

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400 p.; 6.37 inches

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LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey
Not bad - at the beginning it was a little too cutesy, especially with the stupid hare and spoiled-brat mousebabe, but as the adventure developed it settled down (and I could skim where the hare was being stupid). Like all the Redwall books, it's obsessed with food, and has a simplistic set of
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villains (carnivore=bad guy! fox=treacherous!). But nice setting(s), interesting adventure (chasing after the tapestry - who wove that, anyway?), and lots of connections to the other Redwall books. Badgermum Cregga, who used to be Cregga Rose-eyes; the villains are on Urthwyte's island; and Abbess Song is mentioned in at least one other book. As usual, I'm almost more interested in the Redwall timeline than I am in the story.
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LibraryThing member Kaitlyn.Johnston
The Redwall series is a good choice for students in late elementary, early middle school, who are looking for a good fantasy series. Over the years Brian Jacques has written numerous books for the Redwall series, and as a child and loved that once one book was finished there were always other books
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from the series waiting to be read. The use of animals should appeal to both boys and girls, though the fighting present in the work may not appeal to all students. Marlfox was my personal favorite as a child, and to this day remains a fun and well-paced read.
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