Baby Monkey, Private Eye

by Brian Selznick

Other authorsBrian Selznick (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2018



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Scholastic Press (2018), 192 pages


Baby Monkey, private eye, will investigate stolen jewels, missing pizzas, and other mysteries--if he can manage to figure out how to put his pants on.


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192 p.; 5.5 inches

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LibraryThing member BillieBook
The simple, repetitive language is perfect for kids who are just starting to read on their own. As with any Selznick book, though, at least half of the story unfolds in the illustrations. At the start of each of Baby Monkey's investigations, the decorations in his office change to feature people,
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things, and events related to the missing item. The index in the back can be used to create a game of seek-and-find within the illustrations and, paired with the bibliography, provides a great starting place for further discussion and exploration of topics such as circuses and space flight.
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LibraryThing member sweetiegherkin
Is something missing? Baby Monkey will get right on the case ... once he has a snack and puts on his pants. Baby Monkey always finds the culprit and the missing item, leading to happy endings for all.

Baby Monkey is a detective straight out of a hard-boiled novel, even down to the noir-esque
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illustrations of his office. (Also, a subtle bit is that the office's decorations change depending on the case needing to be solved, resulting in fun Easter eggs that are all revealed in a note at the end of the book.) Although this book may appear lengthy, there's only one sentence per page at most. Even those are redundant from chapter to chapter as Baby Monkey follows the same set of steps in response to each case -- look for clues, write notes, have a snack, put on pants. This should make this book easy enough for beginning readers to crack and make them feel proud that they finished such a long book on their own. Final verdict: Lots of humor and a good introduction to the mystery genre, even if it's light on red herrings and suspects.
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LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Kids just graduating from early readers will gain a real sense of accomplishment getting through all 192 pages of this delight. The most adorable baby monkey private eye solves mysteries (with great ease) even if he can't get his pants on the first time. The author/illustrator of "Wonderstruck" and
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"The Invention of Hugo Cabret" gives this the same treatment: lots of lush, cinematic black and white illustrations on almost every spread. Even adults will enjoy it, particularly with identifying the props in Baby Monkey's office that are related to each of the five cases. Plenty of silliness, easy to read, and a tender ending make for an endearing work.
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LibraryThing member KallieGrace
My 2.5 year old daughter loves this book. It is perfect for reading to a toddler who enjoys a story with plot, as it is a little repetitive but slightly different every chapter. Instead of having to read one book five times, I can just read this book all the way through. The artwork is amazing, and
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keeps her engaged even though it is almost entirely black and white. Definitely recommend for a bedtime story.
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LibraryThing member amandabock
I absolutely cannot wait to read this to children. If it doesn't win the Seuss next year, I shall complain very loudly.
LibraryThing member judyg54
Great children's book for beginners. Few words, great pictures and fun story.
LibraryThing member reader1009
children's beginning reader, heavy on the pictures.
OMG, this was too cute, and an enjoyable story for any beginning reader to tackle. I hope there is more coming.
LibraryThing member ms_rowse
Golden Sower nominee #2 for me this spring...Super cute story, and so many "Easter Eggs" in the drawings. Read on a Kindle, so I'm not sure if I missed any of the art (the TOC said it was 191 pages, but it did not take long to read it), so I definitely want to check out a hard copy. But even the
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Kindle version was worth it.
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