What to Expect When You're Expecting

by Arlene Eisenberg

Paperback, 1996



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EC Motherhood




Workman Publishing Company (1996), Edition: Revised, 454 pages


Cuts through the confusion surrounding pregnancy and birth by debunking dozens of myths that mislead parents, offering explanations of medical terms, and covering a variety of issues including prenatal care, birth defects, and amniocentesis.


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LibraryThing member Natalie220
I loved this book. I read it everyday while I was pregnant. Any weird feelings I had I would run to the book to see what it might be. This book is perfect for first time moms who need to be talked through every step of the way.
LibraryThing member tiffwick
Very helpful for first time Moms - takes the reader from conception to birth (and beyond). Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary condition that suggests more questions than answers. No one book can give you all the answers, but this one is great place to start. One warning though, the book does go
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into explicit detail on numerous things that could go wrong during pregnancy.
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LibraryThing member London_StJ
Good for nothing more than scaring expectant mothers into blindly following modern medicine - despite the consequences and other options available.
LibraryThing member piefuchs
I don't hate this book...I just feel it is the weakest and least factual of the preganacy books that I have read. Many of the comments are made with very little scientific backing and/or without differentiating between meaningful differences in medical data and statistical blips that might not hold
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up over time. If there is a positive thing about the book it is that it does mention many stranger things that happen in pregnancy (i.e., having your ribs kicked repeatedly...). If you find it used and/or get it as a gift, put it in your pregnancy library. Not recommended as a book on its own...
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LibraryThing member T_Renee
This book is awesome. I read it at least once a week in order to get an update on what the week may bring, I have also read What to Expect Before You're Expecting and I look forward to reading the First Year & Toddler Years. This book really answers all of my questions, calms concerns, and becomes
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a keepsake as it begins a vital part of your journey. Must read for first time moms.
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LibraryThing member lovelyliquid
Extremely helpful book! Not just for first time mothers, or fathers for that matter! This book answers just about every question that comes up while expecting!
LibraryThing member jmg364
An absolutely necessary book for all expectant mothers.
LibraryThing member signature103
Makes having a baby sound so dull.
LibraryThing member lizvero
great book excellent information
LibraryThing member Lydia_Thompson
A good read with positive advice for mother's to be. An easy conveinant read with you only have a little time or all day to kick back. Helps you relax a bit a remember that you aren't the first woman to give birth. It is also informs you that helpful and hurtful tips are all over the place.
LibraryThing member julierh
this ubiquitous book is pretty good. some women feel that it has made them feel more nervous about pregnancy & birth. it doesn't offer a balanced, comprehensive view of birthing options nor does it portray birth as a natural, normal process. it has some helpful information but you would be wise to
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balance your reading of ultra-mainstream and fear-based titles like these with books by: sheila kitzinger, henci goer, ina may gaskin, and penny simpkin. having said that, this book is unique in that it offers so much detail about each month and it was fun/informative for me in each of my pregnancies to refer to it often. in my second pregnancy, i found that this was the only pregnancy books i looked at; i felt i already knew most of what i needed to know about pregnancy and especially birth. but i really enjoyed reading about how my baby was developing and what he was up to in the various months.
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LibraryThing member HippieLunatic
There is too much worry in this book for it to be my hands down favorite pregnancy book. While it is helpful to give you an idea of how your baby is growing and developing, it is also wrought with things to stress about.

Enjoy your pregnancy. Only read this book if you aren't one to easily stress.
LibraryThing member bangerlm
This book was good but I think Great Expectations is better because it had a bibliography at the end and it gave you a week by week look at the baby instead of month by month.
LibraryThing member Tara714
I didn't like the format of this book. Something's I found interesting and helpful but mostly I found it uninformative. I also found it more negative. There is a lot more on problems and things going wrong than the positive side of pregnancy. I would not make this the one and only pregnancy book
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you would read.
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LibraryThing member engpunk77
More like, "What to freak out about when you're expecting...perhaps you can worry yourself a miscarriage."
LibraryThing member Daisydaisydaisy
This seems to be a pretty ubiquitous pregnancy manual, so I got it from the library, but thought it was awful. Although this is the British edition, so the spellings are (mostly) British (this hasn't been thoroughly checked) and references to medical care are to the NHS, it still comes across as
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overwhelmingly American. There are confusing bits where the information seems to be more from a US medical point of view, than a British one. It's written in a really twee style, that mostly made me want to throw up (and no, that wasn't morning sickness) and instead of having straightforward sections of information is written in more of a 'problem page' style. I didn't find it particularly helpful. And it really need a proper editor.
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LibraryThing member heathrel
Gives expecting mothers too much information about rare negative outcomes. It made my roommate sick for days, and she wasn't even pregnant.
LibraryThing member UberButter
What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff


This book has been around for an astounding 28 years (and have been through several revisions) and is known for many as a staple in the genre – in fact it was the first book I thought of when I found out I was pregnant.

This book has
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a lot of good information – but a lot for me to skip over. I’m not having multiples (thank goodness), I’m not over 35, etc but obviously it’s a good overview for people of all ages and all types so it’s good info to have, even if I didn’t need it. Some of the sections made me roll my eyes, such as “What if I am taking cocaine or other hard drugs while pregnant?” 1 – If you don’t know the answer, you probably should not be pregnant and 2 – I have a feeling those that are into hardcore drugs probably aren’t too antsy to buy this book, probably not the top of their priorities (I could be wrong in my assumptions, but come on), but hey whatever, can’t say the book doesn’t cover it’s bases. With the use of internet today many of the questions and concerns can be found just as quickly on one of the thousands of pregnancy sites as it is to sift through this book. And of course, never take a book as the know-all of everything, always best to consult a doctor with any serious questions – telling your doctor “well the book said…” will only lead to eye rolling. An informational book but best taken in small chunks.
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LibraryThing member FredaCochran
I loved this book I read it 2 or 3 times when I found out I was pregnant. It helped me a lot.
LibraryThing member kristilabrie
There was definitely some useful info here for those looking to learn about the whole pregnancy process, though I didn't find the format as useful as other books I've read. I also thought there was some info for less-common symptoms and problems that were put further upfront than they needed to be,
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which probably caused some readers unnecessary stress/worry. Take what you need from this book, but I wouldn't worry too much about the rest—definitely supplement with other books as needed.
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LibraryThing member perkykeri
This is a great book for first and second time moms. It offers enough information that you can read it many times and glean something new each time.
LibraryThing member japaul22
Did not like this book - neither the info nor the writing style. Try the Mayo Clinic's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy instead.
LibraryThing member Tiffy83
This was a great book for me during my pregnancy. It's helpful and to the point. I love the detailed month by month. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is pregnant for the first time.
LibraryThing member vonze
This book is a good start for general conception/pregnancy knowledge. Although, having read through it, I find I have even more questions now. The book is organized in a busy manor. It tries to cover everything and doesn't go into a lot of detail because there's so much to cover. But, it is a good
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way to get your feet wet on the subject. I'm not currently expecting, but several of my friends are, so I was curious.
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