Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook

by Dana Laake

Hardcover, 2006




Fair Winds Press (2006), Edition: 1, 256 pages


"Pam and Dana know what works for kids...This book is a fantastic resource for the diets that make a difference. Follow their advice!!" --Jenny McCarthy, author of Louder Than Words and Mother Warriors The best "kid-friendly" recipes and guide to the gluten-free, milk-free diet for ADHD and autism just got better. In addition to updates on new research and findings, readers will find recommendations from the authors for packing school lunches and snacks, plus 100 brand new recipes! One of the challenges that parents face is coping with children who have picky appetites and crave the very foods that affect their behavior, focus, and development. The other challenge is finding ways to get their children to eat healthy foods and improve their nutritional status. The uniqueness of this book is that it not only provides gluten-free milk-free substitutes and recipes, it provides successful suggestions for feeding the picky eater. The authors share details about just how and why the diet works. The specialty ingredients are explained and extensive sources provided. There are also testimonials from the parents and from the children themselves.… (more)


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256 p.; 8.25 inches


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LibraryThing member nyisutter
This is a great book for those trying to bring healing through diet. The first half of the book explains how different foods affect the body and goes into details about different diets, such as Feingold, no fenol, Gluten Free Casein Free. Wonderful. We had been on the Feingold Diet for about a year when I got this book and had seen results, but this book goes into the whys of why the diet works better than I had seen before. The second half of the book has lots of recipes that kids will enjoy. Much appreciated to have a resource that will help us steer through the jungle of multiple allergies.… (more)




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