Vision in Action: Working with Soul & Spirit in Small Organizations (Spirituality and Social Renewal)

by Christopher Schaefer

Paperback, 1996




Lindisfarne Books (1996), Edition: Revised, 272 pages


How can we foster the development of initiatives? How can enterprises such as community projects, schools, farms, and businesses be well founded? How can we work as equals, sharing responsibilities, encouraging one another in our development, and offering a high-quality product or service?Vision in Action is a workbook for those involved in social creation--in collaborative actions that can influence the social environment in which we live and where our ideas and actions can matter. This is a user-friendly, hands-on guide for developing healthy small organizations--ones with soul and spirit. Chapters: The Human Being and Organizational Life The Conscious Development of Initiatives Starting Initiatives Getting Going: The Growing Pains and Childhood Diseases of Initiatives Ways of Working together in the Developing Organization Re-creating the Organization: Vision, Mission, and Long-Range Planning Development and Fund-raising Initiatives and Individual Development Signs of Hope: Imaginations for the Future"A well-written exposition of organizational development and the problems that groups tend to encounter as they progress. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field." --Caroline Estes, cofounder of Alpha Farm and master facilitator"This well thought-out book breathes life into the worn-out concept of vision. One finds in it an enlivening imagination of how to develop new initiatives. Like all worthwhile advice, it is based on hard-won life experience. Work with this book and you will find heal help in developing small organizations." --Robert Michael Burnside, Director, Organizational Development Products, Center for Creative Leadership… (more)


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